Welcome to Martave

About Our Company

Have you ever wanted to start your online business but do not know where to start? Have you ever saw an increasing number of online selling platforms but found it burdensome to start your business on each and every one of them?

Our platform is built using cutting edge technology using Python programming language which is the main driver of Artificial Intelligence in the fields on science, technology and data analysis. Our platform will open the door for you to discover online shopping business like never before. This gives us a huge advantage over existing competitors when it comes to integrating the latest innovations to add value to our merchants.

We see ourselves as a technology company that aims to help consumers and merchants utilise the space of online business and provide real value.

Our platform currently offers six free themes for merchants to choose from. You can add your inventory, product photos and product descriptions. Merchants can see their sales order & revenues using elegant dashboard. The platform is perfect for small and large businesses alike

Our platform is completely customizable giving merchants the ability to customise every aspect of their online shop from logo to shop name to colours and prices. Our themes are simple yet elegant and provide great value.