30 Most Affordable Jewellery Brands in UK 2021

Jewellery is a great product to choose for your online store especially if you want to run a dropshipping business in the UK. Jewellery is in demand. Instagram is full of merchants who sell handcrafted jewellery. The jewellery market size is $918m according to IBISWorld.

Did you know that wearing jewellery could be considered as a way of expressing yourself? It is also a symbol of glamour, elegance, and good luck, thus making the fashion around jewellery popular day by day. Beautifully crafted designs from far-reaching parts of the world are now within your reach.

Jewellery does not only satisfy our taste and desire but also is a source of income for many merchants who sell online. It is a very popular item to sell and profit margins are usually excellent if you are planning to sell jewellery online.

Jewellery is undoubtedly attached to the pride and elegance of the customer. But equally important is choosing the right type of jewellery for the right audience that you want to target. If you plan to offer your online customers the opportunity to enhance their collection or change their old jewellery styles, we can surely help you, in that case, find the right UK suppliers for your dropshipping business.

Being an over-fastidious buyer, I always like to invest time in purchasing jewellery items. But time is not the only thing to examine the intricate details of the jewellery designs. You must be aware of top brands for online jewellery shopping and cherry-pick the best among them. Indeed, it takes lots of time and effort to select the leading brand and then get down to the item you want to sell. The prices should not cost you dearly so you are left with a handsome profit margin. Therefore, you need to have a complete guide for the leading jewellery stores near you with a list of items and prices.

Though e-stores provide an excellent opportunity to select the best jewellery items for a UK’s jewellery dropshipping business, the most challenging question is where to begin? Though I was a brand loyal person, now things have been changed. Instagram and Pinterest jewellery collections offer a wide range of creativity in designs and budgets. It made me change my mind and let me open myself to jewellery collections that transcend trends. Also, my friends are becoming pickier with jewellery, and we enjoy sharing our experiences. I wish to share the best and unbiased reviews made based on creativity and style through this blog so you can pick your supplier.

UK’s Best Affordable Online Jewellery Brands for Dropshipping in 2021

Below is the complete list of the most affordable online jewellery stores for Men and Women in the UK.

1.Taylor and Hart


Taylor and Hart UK Jewellery store rings buy online Go for an award-winning London jewellery brand that has specialised in bespoke engagement rings that you can design and sell in your online store as your design. It’s undoubtedly one of the best affordable jewellery brands in the UK.

In 2016, Taylor and Hart, formerly known as Rare Pink, relaunched and made their particular mark among the UK’s pre-eminent jewellery brands.  Creating a customised ring, crafted from the finest materials, being one of Taylor and Hart’s specialities. They are passionate about providing you with inimitable service and bespoke engagement rings. Moreover, Taylor and Hart’s jewellery design consultants will help you choose the design either from scratch or from an existing design collection. Likewise, they assure to design a ring you’ll cherish for a lifetime, and throughout the process, they’ll guide you by their insight and experience.

Furthermore, in just four weeks, they guarantee to deliver your ring to your preferred address. And for your heartsease, they offer you a favourable service of ring resizing. Besides, the ring comes with a 90-day return policy.

For further details, please visit this affordable jewellery store online.

2. Astrid & Miyu


Astrid & Miyu UK Jewellery store onlineAstrid & Miyu is a fashion-forward jewellery store in London with over eight years of experience. They offer finely detailed and fashion-forward designs of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, and other jewellery. They use yellow gold, rose gold, and rhodium to platter these brass pieces of jewellery and have a reputation as the best and the cheapest jewellery online store.

Their price range starts from as low as £35, and it allows everyone to choose a memorable gift from their collection. You should check out their hoop and stud earrings for budget-friendly buying. That makes them hugely popular on Instagram, with around 300k followers. Their designs are dainty and will let you shine without overshadowing your personality.


3. Goldsmiths Jewellery


Goldsmiths jewellery UK Online brandGoldsmiths is the oldest UK fine jewellery brand with 230 years of experience in this line of business. Passing through a period of transformation from tradition to modern times, they have developed an extensive collection of different product lines. You will find heirloom-quality rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, cufflinks, diamonds, pearls, and precious stones in their jewellery collection. They are not only memorable gifts but also significant investment pieces too for your younger generation.

It would be best to count this brand for special occasions like proposals and anniversary celebrations to mark your life’s special moment. For a budget-friendly option, you can choose from silver to gold-plated rings. On Instagram, they have around 27k followers with mixed reviews of buyers on different review sites.

4. Jewellery box

JewelleryBox UK Jewellery storeJewellery box is one of the coolest and affordable UK jewellery and accessories brands. They have mentioned 180 accessories under £5 on the budget side of things. I must say it is a remarkable pricing policy to cater to the needs of everyone who have a taste. Additionally, they offer a wide range of products like anklets, bracelets, bangles, charms, earrings, lockets, nose rings, nose studs, toe rings. And the materials they use are gold, silver, rose, and white gold.

Besides, they have maintained a rating of above four ratings out of thousands of reviews, which speak for their excellent quality products. Also, they are getting love on Instagram and Facebook too.



5. Monica Vinader


monica vinader UK jewellery brand logoMonica Vinader, a luxury British jewellery brand, was established in 2008. They craft a gorgeous range of jewellery with beautiful gemstones and high-quality metals. Whether you are looking for a beautiful ring to add to your fantastic collection or a funky anklet to gift to your friend, or a delicate pendant to adorn your neck, you’ll surely find a piece at Monica Vinader. Besides, if you’re hunting to ornament your outfit or costume, there’s no better option than to do that with a vibrant evil eye gemstone pendant of Monica Vinader. They have a stunning range of charms that symbolise shield from malevolent glares. Also, you can expect all of the compliments when wearing the gorgeous earrings of this brand. Moreover, the unique and precious diamonds of Monica Vinader are exquisite to be left behind.

Monica Vinader, a personal favourite of the Duchess of Cambridge, can be high-priced. However, innumerable pieces are not only gorgeous, simple, and elegant but affordable too. That’s why it’s considered one of the best and cheapest jewellery brands in the UK. Please visit the contact page of Monica Vinader for additional details.

6. Links of London


links of london uk jewellery store onlineLinks of London is an iconic British brand founded in 1990 and grew popular internationally with its sterling silver bracelets. Their popularity is attributed to their iconic charm bracelets. The quality of the jewellery products offered at Links of London is very high. They use precious and high-quality metals to craft their items. Their designs are well-crafted and unique. They are a luxury fashion brand and offer a range of online jewellery for both men and women.

The brand is also known for fun and stylish jewellery and provides a lot of various options. Especially on the British high street, Links of London brought the UK jewellery scene to life and took a keen interest in creating affordable sterling pieces of silver.

Links of London shut down all stores one year ago.


7. Tada and Toy

Tada and Toy jewellery UK brand logoTada and Toy is a London based fresh young jewellery brand established by two young designers named Tansy Aspinall and Victoria van Holthe. The brand is the realisation of their shared interests. Tada and Toy, one of the best affordable jewellery brands in the UK, makes delicate and high-quality jewellery.

Tada and Toy’s style is fashion-forward, relaxed, and managed efficiently. The fantastic brand is best known for its unusual and unique ear cuffs and palm bangles.

In short, the brand Tada and Toy is recommended by a massive number of people for its fabulous unique designs, exquisite packaging, excellent service, and speedy and free delivery.

8. Missoma

Missoma UK jewellery brand logoAre you looking for a stylish and affordable jewellery brand? If yes, Missoma should be on your radar. It’s a London-based retailer and online jewellery brand with a global vision that comes among the best high street jewellers in the UK. Missoma offers award-winning pieces of jewellery you can’t live without. Missoma deals in 18ct gold and rose gold vermeil, which sounds fancy. The brand also produces statement pieces in 18ct gold, which are durable, fashionable, and affordable. Furthermore, the brand also has semi-precious stones with unusual shapes and hand cuts to make them unique.

Suppose any piece of your jewellery breaks or tarnishes due to a manufacturing defect. In that case, Missoma is committed to replacing your piece at no cost if returned within one year with receipt of the product’s purchase.

For further details, please visit Missoma’s online store.

9. Gemporia 

Gemporia UK Brand Jewellery OnlineIt is an online place of inspiring and fantastic gemstone and gold jewellery. They have an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.6 from 7k reviewers. Besides, they are also performing very well on Instagram with 13 k followers. We love their rings with precious metals of gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver sterling.

Besides these sensational rings, they offer a wide range of classy and wallet-friendly bracelets too. Likewise, diamond, gold, white gold, and zircon-based pendants are equally exquisite and fall in everyone’s budget range. Do check their gift and clearance section for further cheap options.

10. Pandora

Pandora uk jewellery online store ukFolks! Discover a world of jewellery with UK’s best online jewellery store. It’s the second most cherished brand among the famous luxury jewellery brands. The gorgeous and elegant range of Pandora jewellery brings beauty to your outfit. As the world’s biggest brand, Pandora is committed to providing you with the unique and most beautiful jewellery pieces in sterling silver and 14k gold. Pandora appeals to all age groups.

You discover a new way of showing off while wearing Pandora’s O pendants, which are stunning and stylish. Somehow, Pandora’s bracelets are expensive due to the use of high-quality material in production. Pandora puts much love into crafting each piece of jewellery. In particular, Pandora Me charms, which are only compatible with Pandora Me bracelets, are enough to show the world what you’re about.

For further information, go to the contact page of Pandora and get inspired.

11. Warren James

warren james uk jewellery store onlineWarren James is the UK’s largest online jewellery retailer offering gorgeous and quality jewellery at an affordable price. If you’re a big fan of Pandora jewellery that is popular due to its charm bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, you must have a look at Warren James’s offerings.

This high-street brand sells elegant gold, silver, and Swarovski bracelets, rings, earrings, and chains that are more or less identical to Pandora’s precious gems. Warren James provides free delivery within the UK when you shop for over £49. For more information, you can visit the contact page of Warren James.



12. Daisy London

Daisy London uk jewellery store onlineDaisy London is the most admired British jewellery brand known for its chic and stylish pieces. It’s one of the most affordable jewellery brands in the UK. A team of equally brilliant men and women put their love into Daisy London to make it the best of all. Collaborating with top influencer Estee Lalonde, Daisy London has crafted retro-style unique designs and patterns that embellish jewellery pieces.

The timeless collection of Daisy London has been designed to uplift your everyday style. The meaningful jewellery of Daisy London includes silver and gold rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. The Healing Stone collection of Daisy London in silver and gold pairs gemstones’ magic with gorgeous designs. Besides, the chakra pieces of Daisy London are so popular and in demand.

13. Boodles

Boodles uk jewellery store onlineBoodles is a British fine jewellery designer group established in 1798. Boodles have their stores in Liverpool, Dublin, Chester, Manchester and the flagship store in London. Master artisans in Britain design all Boodles jewellery. The Boodles designers use exceptionally rare gemstones, including sapphires, rubies, or tanzanite, in their pieces. Boodles is well pleased to offer its elegant unique range of unparalleled pieces crafted with the finest stones. You can explore these pieces on the online store of Boodles.

Moreover, you can find the perfect diamond or striking platinum colourful cocktail and engagement ring for your partner online, which is a symbol of love. The ‘Be Boodles’ collection is nowadays trendy created from 18 carats rose gold and platinum. They offer friendly, professional, and bespoke services.

Discover the world of Boodles by visiting the contact page.


14. Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane uk jewellery store onlineThe spectacular jewellery brand Shaun Leane is one of the best affordable jewellery brands in the UK. The House of Shaun Leane epitomises modern romance with its timeless, elegant pieces. Indeed, it is most admired and fast becoming a pre-eminent jewellery house.

The breathtaking masterpieces of Shaun Leane represent contemporary works of art. And the beautiful story of fashion and art continues to travel through their bespoke creations that bind together with Leane’s specific style. Shaun Leane provides the perfect adornment in 18ct white and yellow gold and diamonds. The free UK and worldwide delivery are unique features of this brand.

You can discover breathtaking jewellery pieces of Shaun Leane by visiting its online contact page and get amazed.


15. Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine uk jewellery logoTatty Devine established in 1999 crafts original jewellery in a very distinctive style. It’s a London based jewellery brand that makes handmade acrylic based jewellery. The unique and fun statement jewellery are special features of this brand. A skilled team of jewellery designers with a passion for art jewellery ensures the uniqueness and gorgeousness of jewellery pieces. Tatty Devine creates around 300 new jewellery designs every year, from seasonal capsule collections to limited editions of stunning masterpieces.

Moreover, Tatty Devine loves to collaborate with different designers and artists to create breathtaking jewellery pieces. The brand also creates classic works of art for their customers to cherish forever, including personalised and statement necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, cufflinks, and keyrings. Most importantly, Tatty Devine gives free UK standard delivery for the shop over £50.

You can visit the online page for more information and shopping pretty everlasting collection of Tatty Devine.

16. Stephon Webster

Stephon Webster uk jewellery onlineStephon Webster is a UK based fine jewellery brand established in 1989. It’s the biggest collection of powerful aesthetic and intricate designs. The brand keeps on breaking the rules of fine jewellery with intelligent and visionary designs. Besides, the brand uses obscure and exotic stones in its jewellery pieces and believes that the jewellery can only be exquisite if it’s beautifully made.

Stephon Webster’s jewels set exceptional jewellery standards since its pieces use precious diamonds, ethical gold, and traceable stones. You can discover and buy with no regret all stunning fashion jewellery pieces, including bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, by vising the contact page of Stephon Webster.


17. Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke uk jewellery onlineAstley Clarke is a British jewellery brand established in London in 2006. The brand started as an online retailer, providing free global delivery with free UK, US, and EU returns. The brand also offers a free personalization service to customise your piece of jewellery. Clarke’s jewellery pieces are easy-to-wear and relaxed, and luxurious.

The brand deals in noble metals, natural diamonds, and semi-precious and coloured precious gemstones. The jewellery is designed by using traditional hand-drawn techniques in their Design studio situated in London. Besides, the brand crafts jewellery collection with sterling silver, 18ct gold-plated, sterling silver plated, and the finest quality of 14ct solid gold.


18. Olivia Creber

Olivia Creber online jewellery store UKOlivia Creber is a UK based jewellery designer who takes inspiration from natural shapes. All jewellery pieces correctly worn on any occasion are designed and handmade by Olivia in her West Sussex Studio. The brand offers its spectacular pieces in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and precious diamonds.

Customised orders at Olivia Creber require a deposit of 50% as confirmation. If by any chance the client isn’t happy with the purchase, Olivia Creber offers an exchange within 30 days.

For further details, visit the contact page and take a look at the affordable jewellery pieces of Olivia Creber.


19. Ruifier

Ruifier jewellery store online UKRuifier is a British jewellery brand of fine and demi-fine jewellery founded by Rachel Shaw. The brand is considered one of the best affordable jewellery brands in the UK. Verily Ruifier designs its jewellery pieces with both modern and timeless precious gemstones and diamonds. And the brand ensures the superiority of gemstones used in its jewellery. Also, the brand creates each piece with luxury design features. Ruifier deals in sterling silver, 24ct gold, 18ct gold, and 14ct gold as well. The jewellery collection in 14ct gold is more affordable and worth buying. In short, Ruifier jewellery pieces are ideal for adding a little sparkle to your life since they are crafted by skilled artisans using exquisite materials.

Please pay a visit to the contact page of Ruifier and take a gander at the magnificent jewellery pieces, including bracelets, ear studs, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

20. ANNIE HAAK Designs

ANNIE HAAK Designs UK Jewellery onlineAnnie Haak started her jewellery company in 2019 and became a silver jewellery sensation in a short time. You will find carefully crafted tiny flowers, beads, little animal shape bracelets, necklaces, bangles, chains, and earrings in her collection. With a 22.4k Instagram rating and above 36 thousand fan followers on Facebook, they have created their place in the hearts of women. Her bloomy designs have the touch of originality and peace coping with modern jewellery trends. Annie Haak’s Designs will make you look fabulous and enhance your elegance. Her collection is coming in sterling silver, gold plated jewellery added with precious stones.


21. Jeweller’s Loupe 

Jewellers Loupe uk jewellery onlineJeweller’s Loupe was established 60 years ago and has a 5- star google rating. Working with precious diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, they have an outstanding brand reputation. They offer a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding rings, and stacking rings. Furthermore, beautiful handmade pendants with precious coloured gemstones make a perfect gift too. They have a rich heritage of UK craftsmanship with award-winning team members. You will have a joyful buying experience of your favourite jewellery pieces. Although they are the finest jewellery brand yet, they do not rely on social media for business.


22. Form Bespoke

Form Bespoke uk jewellery onlineForm Bespoke is another budget-friendly and excellent quality brand for online gold jewellery shopping. These award-winning fine jewellers have a great reputation in creating timeless engagement and wedding rings. You can order your dream piece of jewellery and enjoy bespoke design. They work with 18-carat gold and precious gems.

The ratings and reviews are good, and people are happy with the fantastic customer experience. These handmade wedding rings start from £360.00. They claim to be budget-friendly in fine jewellery because they don’t spend on heavy advertisements. You can genuinely enjoy creating a customised ring for your wedding, keeping it as a love token with friendly and professional designers.


23. Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe uk jewellery onlineIf you love the traditional British style of jewellery with femininity and delicacy, then Alex Monroe can be your first choice. Ranging from £105, this brand is one of the best affordable jewellery brands in the UK. Wearing this jewellery, you can cut a dash at your wedding.

They offer necklaces, rings, brooches, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pins. Who doesn’t love nature-inspired designs in her collection? Not only women but men’s accessories are splendid and deliver a unique sense of styling.

They have strong social media followership and enjoy 86k plus followers on Instagram. Their botanical theme may be the reason for such a fondness and digital love.


24. Muru London

Muru London jewellery uk onlineFounded in 2006, Muru London is a trendsetting UK jewellery brand. We see that the world’s top inspirational women wore their designs like Jourdan Dunn, Laura Whitmore, and Holliday Grainger. Their jewellery designs give meaning to your feelings for your loved one. Assuredly, you will love the theme of empowerment, beauty, love, care, and protection in their jewellery.

If you are in search of the best online jewellery store in the UK, then, Muru London is your dream place. Their silver feather necklace starts from £45 and even below is the price of silver bead bracelets. The mini necklaces, beaded chains, and new mothers’ personalised necklaces have no match in this affordable range. These glitzy accessories are uplifting gifts for family and friends.


25. Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson jewellery uk brand onlineLaura Nelson is one of the awards winning jewellery designers based in the UK. She started her jewellery career in 2018. You will find handcrafted studs, necklaces, pendants, bangles, earrings, and wedding rings in her collection. One of the unique features of this online affordable jewellery brand in the UK is that she reuses all the material scraps.

Besides, she creates minimalist pieces of jewellery starting from £15 under the scrap range. Even so, she offers a texture it yourself kit to design your jewellery. No doubt, her wedding bands, and contrasting stones. She uses silver, white gold, yellow, diamond, and sapphires in her designs.



26. Alice Chandler

Alice Chandler uk jewellery onlineAlice Chandler is a UK based silversmith brand. Her collection contains hoops, studs, bangles, brooch, and abstract shaped earrings. She is an aesthetic artist, and her jewellery collection is part of abstract art. It looks contemporary and suits best to young girls.

You can enjoy the teen party and feel playful while using these teardrops or wiggle studs. The best part is that you can get a designer piece at an affordable price.



27. Ella Bull 

Ella Bull  jewellery UK OnlineElla Bull is an innovative designer jewellery brand in the UK. Her art and creativity led her, not to forget her eight years of experience. Likewise, you will fall for her iconic designs. Her exceptional designing approach has opened up rare opportunities for her career. She has been selected to work in the jewellery department of famous films like beauty and the beast and Alladin.

She made the finest bespoke jewellery using precious stones and metals. Her efforts are not worthless and make her designs stand out among the other modern designers due to their reverence for British heritage. About four thousand people showed love to her Instagram.


28. Elin Horgan

Elin Horgan uk jewellery logoElin Horgan is an excellent and versatile jewellery brand in the UK. Focusing on simplicity, their everyday jewellery will cater to a highly personalised sense of style. Her jewellery designs are based on geometric shapes and clean lines to give you an aesthetic outlook. She is a minimalistic jewellery designer who works with silver.

She got you covered for a versatile range of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other gift ideas. Please have a look at her affordable collection of adornment gifts. Luckily, you can get your favourite earrings for as low as £45. Even the handcrafted geometric necklaces start at cheaper rates.



29. Wolf and Moon

Wolf and Moon uk jewellery storeWolf and Moon are one of the best affordable UK based novel jewellery brand. Hannah Devis takes inspiration from nature and architecture for creating these outlandish pieces of art. Her designs will ameliorate your stylishness and give you a gorgeous look. With over 80k Instagram followers, she truly wins our hearts.

With the range covering necklaces, earrings, brooches, and hair clips, she has got you to adorn yourself with beautiful pieces of jewellery. I love her moon and star hoop earrings and pendants. Her collection is starting from £18 to make it convenient for everyone. She uses a combination of materials like wood, metal, and Perspex. Her trendy jewellery will instantly upgrade your looks.

30. Roxanne First

Roxanne First uk jewellery storeRoxanne First is an exquisite female-led best jewellery online store based in London. She works with diamonds, sapphire, and semi-precious stones. Starting her store in 2018, she specialises in stackable and layered solid gold designs. She is famous as a cool jewellery designer for females with over 32k Instagram followers.

Her lasting collection of trinkets speaks for your individuality and sense of style. Her accessible solid gold ear hoops start from £85. Individualistic women are great fans of her solid gold letter necklace to celebrate their distinctiveness.


31. Earnest Jones

Ernest Jones uk jewellery storeEarnest Jones was established in 1949 and grown to be one of the largest jewellery brands in the UK. They deal in exquisite diamond jewellery like rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets as well as watches.

The brand is one of the expensive jewellery brands that will cater to your sense of taste. They have over 19.6k followers on Instagram but having some bad reviews too. It makes them fall in the last number despite a good fan following.


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