20 Best Online Payments Gateways for UK Small Businesses 2022

Best online Payment Gateways for UK Small Business

In this article, we will discover the 20 best online payment gateways for UK small businesses in 2022.

Are you looking for the best online payment gateways in the UK for small businesses? Do you want to send or receive your payments in a reasonable period? Well! Choosing the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses isn’t an easy task. E-commerce payment gateway providers are diverse and there is no one size fits all. So, we have assembled a detailed guide to the top 20 payment gateways in the U.K. But which one is suitable and best for you? Don’t get confused!

Compare their features, prices, pros and cons by scrolling down and picking the best online payment gateway in UK that suits your business.

1. PayPal Payment Gateway


What is PayPal, and how does it work?

PayPal is undoubtedly the first name that comes to your mind when you think of methods of online payments. It’s the safest, most popular and speedy way to send or receive money or establish a user’s account. It’s actually an American electronic company running an online payment system. And it serves most of the countries that support online money transfers. Also, it authorizes payments through bank accounts, credit cards, buyer cards, and PayPal account balances.

It’s considered one of the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses and for this reason they claim that a massive population of the U.K. use PayPal per annum. Additionally, it is the most trusted gateway among worldwide businesses to send and accept payments.

PayPal Fee

It charges 1.9% +20p per transaction if the net sale is up to £55,000 per month, and if the sales amount is below £1,500 per month, the charges are 3.4% + 20p, per transaction.

Monthly Fees

Web payments are free or £20/month (web payments pro)


  • The most reliable and popular payment gateway in online retail
  • Straightforward setup
  • Free account setup
  • There are no charges to send money in Pounds to anyone within the U.K. when you use a PayPal balance, bank account or debit card.
  • There are no charges to receive money from anyone within the U.S. via PayPal.
  • Payments from a business or premier account to another account is completely free.
  • There is no fee to purchase goods if you use Pay Pal.
  • There is a nominal fee of 3.9% for transacting through credit or debit cards.
  • You can keep track of your transactions and even download a year’s data and information.
  • There are no contracts and fees for account closing


  • The transaction fee is very high for low-volume traders.
  • Sometimes the users complain about the slow procedure of money transferring from PayPal to the business account.
  • It’s not ideal for larger businesses; instead, it’s suited for medium-sized businesses.
  • There are some reviews about poor customer service.

The fee may occasionally change and to see the latest fee charges and further details, you can visit the PayPal website.

2. Authorize. Net

Authorize.net is an award-winning payment gateway provider in the UK and worldwide for an E-commerce platform. It is considered one of the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses It helps in the smooth transaction of the payment process between the customers and the e-stores. They accept electronic and credit card payment in person, online or over the phone. As for as the volume of sales is concerned, they are working for 1 billion transactions and 149 billion in payments every year. While everyone cares for a stress-free payment transaction, they got the highest authorization rate award in 2020. Moreover, they allow the transaction through the website, mobile app, or manual transactions.

Authorize. Net Fee

The merchant account and payment gateway will cost you around $25 per month with a transaction cost of 2.9% + 30 ¢.

If you need to use the gateway only, it will cost you $25 per month and 10¢ per transaction.


  • It has the highest successful authorization rate, thus giving 100% protection against chargeback and fraudulent transactions.
  • Gives fastest WooCommerce payment processing opportunity
  • Allows transactions in many different currencies
  • They accept all major credit card networks like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express.
  • They also support payments from PayPal, JCB, Visa SRC, E-Check, Apple Pay and Chase pay.
  • It is one of the top online payment gateways with safe and reliable services.
  • The fee covers customer profile, card tokenization and e-check processing.


  • One of the most expensive payment processing services as compared to its competitors.
  • Customers mostly dislike the interface and the website is considered atrocious.

3. SagePay

Sage Pay is one of the largest payment gateways in the U.K., offering two seamless services to their users such as a Business package for mom-and-pop businesses and the Corporate one for more extensive trades. These two packages permit you to send and receive payments using a debit card and credit card, including visa and master card and PayPal. SagePay operates in more than 25 countries for sending and accepting payments. Customization of your transaction pages is an excellent feature of SagePay. Also, using a mobile app, you can get access to your transactions. Indeed, the useful characteristics of SagePay are the most significant reason for winning the trust of thousands of users.

Setup Fee

For setup, they officially charge £0 besides your PCI account registration that costs £20.

Monthly Fee

The fee is £20.90 for 350 transactions per month, and the cost is £45 for 500 transactions per month. Besides, if the number of transactions increases, they charge 12p each. However, for Corporate packages, SagePay offers custom-tailored pricing.


  • Transparent process
  • It makes payments safe and secure since all transactions are encrypted to the highest standards.
  • Provides 24/7 great customer service
  • Free advanced screening tools to avoid fraud
  • Numerous payment options for customers


It’s not ideal for smaller businesses due to lengthy contracts.  Apart from that, there is a 3-month cancellation period, and the fee can be high. Also, there is no SagePay app for mobile. Please visit the online contact page of Sage Pay for further details.

4. Helcim

Helcim is in one solution from opening an online store to payment processing for UK eCommerce businesses. It gives you a completely customizable option for building an online store and a built-in payment processor with cool themes. Besides, it is a one of the most competitive online payment gateways for UK small businesses. The additional features of this online payment gateway are fast bank deposit and fraud defender built-in function.

Above all, Helcim virtual terminals allow you to accept debit and credit cards from all over the world. It helps them build a strong customer service culture and maintain a 5-star review on the internet.

Helcim Fee

Helium does not charge you for setup, bank deposit fee or customer service fee. You only have to pay the transaction processing fee.

For a monthly credit card volume from 0$ – $25,000 per month, they charge 0.30% + 8c for in-person payment. Likewise, with the increase in transaction volume, the charges decrease.

For a monthly credit card volume from 0$ – $25,000 per month, the keyed and online payment fee is 0.50 % + 25c. In the same way, they charge less for higher sales volume. For instance, for sale volume range between $25,001- $50,000 per month, they charge 0.25% + 7c.


  • It provides free services of online payment methods without extra cost to the customer, including the point-of-sale software, virtual terminal, invoicing facility and built-in payment processing services. It makes them the lowest pricing company.
  • This online payment gateway charges you for single month processing.
  • They use a transparent interchange-plus pricing model for transaction processing.
  • You can count them for honest and transparent processing.
  • Discount policy as business volume grows.
  • It is the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses, according to reviews.
  • You can use Helcim user-friendly app on a smartphone, desktop or laptop.


  • It is not one of the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses working in high-risk businesses

5. Payment Depot

If you are looking for the best global payment gateway with a discounted price, payment depot is your solution. Despite its impressive pricing structure, the end price is slightly high for startups and small businesses. Unlike Helcim, they offer the cheapest merchant service with a wholesale pricing model for high volume businesses. It is one of few credit card processors that charge a fixed price per transaction.

Payment Depot Fee 

Payment depot pricing starts from $49.00 per month.


  • Best for high sales volume companies
  • Low markup per transaction
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • No setup fees
  • Free set up the gateway and virtual terminal


  • Not suitable for startups or low sale volume businesses per month

6. Stripe

Many eCommerce businesses use Stripe to accept and send payments in the UK and manage their businesses. Stripe is the best online payment gateway for the UK market. It makes the technical integration process very easy with gateways and allows the clients to transfer money from customers’ bank accounts into their business accounts using credit or debit cards.

Stripe Fee

Stripe neither takes any setup fee nor a once-a-month fee, and there are no hidden charges as well. Besides, the fees are different for European and non-European cards. For European cards, the fee is 1.4% + 20p, and for non-European cards, the fee is 2.9% +20p.


  • Supreme custom-tailored payment gateway
  • Easy to setup
  • Offers desktop and mobile payments
  • Also offers customers discounts and coupon codes
  • Charges no refund fee
  • Outstanding reminder system


  • Some complaints of account freezing
  • Several complaints about poor customer support
  • Charges the same fees for processing the debit and credit cards

For additional details, look into the website of Stripe.

7. WorldPay

WorldPay is significantly the leading company for online transactions in E-commerce payment gateways UK. It offers numerous methods of online transactions via credit and debit cards and eWallets to accept and send payment in the UK. It helps traders use two options for the transaction: WorldPay Payment Gateway-eCommerce and WorldPay Card Machine-mobile, virtual or countertop. Besides, it offers service in more than 116 countries while accepting all major debit and credit cards and PayPal as well.

WorldPay Fee

There is no WorldPay setup fee however transaction fee varies, and per month fee starts at £19.96


  • It offers a full payment service.
  • The functionality of the shopping cart is available too.
  • Outstanding features of security and reliability
  • Fraud screening
  • 24/7 UK customer support available


  • The most significant disadvantage of WorldPay is to require the clients to lengthy sign-up contracts.
  • It’s not ideal for smaller businesses.
  • It charges termination fees.

For nitty-gritty details, look into the WorldPay website.

8. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay owned by Amazon is the only payment gateway for merchants selling on Amazon and an excellent option for online transactions. This absolutely managed service lets users use the payment methods formerly linked to their Amazon account to make transactions. You can shop from any websites other than Amazon or apps that accept Amazon pay using your Amazon account. You can use a debit card, credit card, and Amazon Store Card through this E-commerce payment method. Out of these methods of payment, you are restricted to use Visa and Mastercard in some circumstances.

Amazon Pay Fee

Processing and Authorization Fees are 3.4% plus 20p if the transaction is below £1,500 once-a-month and 1.4% plus 20p if the transaction is over £55,000 once-a-month.

The fee across the border other than the U.K. is 0.4%-1.5%, and the chargeback costs £14, excluding value-added tax.


  • It offers a full-featured online payment gateway.
  • Also provides a reliable way for users to check-out and check-in
  • No contracts
  • No termination fees


  • A fee is high in this online payment system for low-volume traders
  • A few online reviews claim that it takes some time to get approved.
  • It takes 3-5 days to get paid, showing the poor service.
  • Mostly customer support is limited to email.

For additional details, visit the website and go through all features of Amazon Pay.

9. Square

Square is an outstanding payment gateway provider in the UK. It not only exceeds in its services like instant inventory management for your business but is also practical for your account security and fraud prevention. They use exceptional machine learning models to detect fraud and disputes teams work dedicatedly to solve your issues. As for the features, it suits best for the food and hotels sector. Besides, it has listed pharmaceuticals, adult services, specific marketing and financial services in the prohibited list.

Square Fee

For card payment, they charge 2.6% plus 10¢ per transaction.

For payments without the card, they charge 3.5% plus 15¢.

For payment through the square online store, the fee is 2.9% plus 30¢.


  • They charge the same rate for all major credit card networks.
  • They don’t charge you for a startup, complaints, business cards and authorization fees.
  • Square doesn’t charge you a monthly fee if you add this as a payment gateway to your website.
  • A square payment gateway allows instant transactions to your bank account for long term customers.
  • You can access and monitor an in-depth sale analysis of your account through the square app.


  • User interface issues related to software work
  • For
  • Customers need to add pins through a phone or tablet while payment processing is not safe for multi-use devices.

10. PayCafé

Pay café is the preferred online payment method UK for high-risk merchants. You can do well with their all-in-one service, including payment processing and security and fraud checkup. In the highly competitive payment gateway service providers, this one is best for small business owners. Although they use the slogan of one size fits most. Even then, they claim that they will integrate the payment system according to your business needs.

Paysafe Fee

Depending upon merchant and services they will charge you as low as 2.49%


  • You can manually set up the Paysafe payment gateway with the website without any difficulty.
  • Paysafe provides an integrated network of payment gateway, payment processor and merchant account.
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer service
  • They offer a reliable dispute management system for high-risk merchants.
  • It supports all major types of cards like Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.
  • They will provide you with detailed business reporting of your business.


  • They have not mentioned an exact pricing model on the website.

11. Shopify

At the moment, Shopify is the trendiest E-commerce payment method for UK based businesses. Unlike PayPal, they offer everything you need to start or run your online business. Using Shopify, you can even get the advantage of a free 14 days trial. However, similar to PayPal, Shopify is not inexpensive.

Shopify Fee for Online Business

Transaction Fees: From basic to advance the charges are 2.2% +20p-1.6% +20p

Once-a-month Fees: From basic to advance the charges are $29-$299 (inclusive of blog, website and SSL Certificate at no cost)

External Payment Gateway Fees: From basic to advance the charges are 2.0%-0.5% if not using Shopify Payments.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Ensures 100% security and reliability.
  • It provides you with everything you need to start and run an online business.
  • Offers free trial of 14 days
  • Loading speed is excellent.
  • Also provides customers with powerful marketing tools.
  • Outstanding customers support is available
  • Gives buyers the freedom to make online payments without paying extra fees.


  • You have to pay monthly for every little thing.
  • It’s not as flexible as other self-hosted eCommerce platforms.
  • It offers less customizability.
  • Shopify provides hardly any data points to the users if they ever want to migrate.

You can visit the Shopify website for more essential details.

12. Payoneer

Payoneer is an easy and fast worldwide payment gateway for UK small businesses. In fact, it empowers online businesses and sellers. Undoubtedly, this method of payment helps freelancers to pay and get paid very quickly. Specially designed for today’s entrepreneurs, it gives them the green light to scale their business globally and domestically. It claims to have 4 million users. Moreover, it provides services in more than 200 countries with over 150 currencies.

Payoneer Fee

It offers free sign up. For a local bank transfer, Payoneer charges $2.99 and $15 for a USD Swift transfer. For transfers in USD and EUR, Payoneer charges 1% of the overall amount. However, the fees exceed $10. You can also send money to your prepaid MasterCard, PayPal, or make a bank transfer globally using Payoneer. It charges $3 per transfer that is slightly high but no fee to receive. You can get further fees details on the Payoneer website.


  • Getting an account on Payoneer is entirely free.
  • The service gives you the ability to withdraw funds directly with a debit card.
  • No bank account is required to get the payments from multiple affiliate networks.
  • The fastest way to receive the money is within hours, not days,
  • Ensures the availability of a 24/7 online ‘My Account’ service for checking balances and online transactions.
  • The excellent security system


It’s better suited to freelancers and affiliates and not ideal for running an online store. Also, the Credit Card fee is relatively high. Moreover, there are a few complaints about poor customer service.

You can get more details by visiting the contact page of Payoneer.

13. Klarna

Have you ever heard about Klarna? It’s a Swedish fintech company offering a very convenient “buy now”, “pay later” service for online shopping. The fantastic service helps you buy what you need today and pay afterwards in four instalments with Klarna. They offer three ways to get paid for UK business, including ‘pay now’, ‘pay later’ and slice it. Pay now offers customers card payments to pay for instant purchases and pay later service offers customers to pay in 14-30 days after purchase. Unlike ‘pay now’ and ‘pay later’ services, the ‘slice it’ service lets customers pay over three months to three years in equal instalments.

Klarna Fee

The startup transaction fee is 2.49%, the growing transaction fee is 2.19%, and the established transaction fee is 1.99%. Furthermore, there are no monthly or setup fees.


  • Offering amazing features of instant buying and paying afterwards.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Offers purchase protection method making sure you don’t lose your money in a transaction.
  • Ensures the customers get full payment in case of return or cancellation.
  • There are no hidden charges.


  • It doesn’t have clear pricing information on its online contact page.
  • Some users claim poor customer service.
  • There are also complaints of money being taken out of accounts while the products were not returned to stores.
  • There are also some reports of unanswered calls.

For advance details, go to the contact page of Klarna.

14. Adyen

Adyen is a Dutch company that acts as the best online payment gateway, service provider, and processor for online and brick-and-mortar commerce. Across the world, Adyen delivers frictionless payments.

Adyen Fees

There are no setup fees. For Visa + Mastercard the fee is 0.90%-1.10% + €0.10.

For Amex, the fee is 3.95% + €0.10 and for SEPA Direct Debit, the fee is €0.25 + €0.10.


  • Adyen offers multiple varieties of easy payment options.
  • The Adyen fee is exceptionally competitive despite there is a minimum invoice of $120.
  • Offers reliable and safe service.


  • It has been designed for bigger and high-risk merchants.
  • There are mixed reviews of customers about this payment gateway.

Please visit the Adyen website for further details.

15. 2Checkout

2Checkout is one of the best payment gateways for UK small businesses that offers tools to receive mobile and online payments around the world. According to them, their trust level is very high among users. They support transactions in 200 countries with 26 currencies using 45 plus payment methods. Moreover, people can use multiple transaction procedures, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

2Checkout Fee

The standard UK fee is 2.4% + 30¢, and the fee is 1.5% across the border.


2Checkout gives their users several benefits, including ease of use, extremely simple to understand pricing table, advanced fraud protection security, and last but not least, collecting payments through a mobile interface. That’s why 2Checkout is considered to have an incredible procedure of online payment method. Alongside they have a pretty comprehensive platform with a robust API and a lot more features.


  • The fee is quite high.
  • Users often complain about sudden account closing.
  • The authorization process is painful.
  • Sometimes users complain about the delay in payments.

For further details, visit the website of 2checkout.

16. Cardstream

Are you searching for an independent payment gateway providing services in the U.K? Cardstream is one of the online payment gateways provider companies in the U.K. that offers an entirely unrestrained “white label” payment gateway. This gateway provides you with unique features of accepting card payments on your website. Besides, you can create a branded gateway page on the URL chosen by you. Moreover, it supports the most popular shopping carts and processes payments in all worldwide currencies. It also provides you with a virtual terminal, helping you take the amount via email or over the phone. In addition, this independent payment provider gives you access to all payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, wallets and alternative approaches. You can fast forward your payment business with the fantastic Cardstream payment gateway.

Cardstream Fee

It charges £18/month including 350 transactions. For over 350 transactions, it charges 9p per transaction, and there is a 12-month contract with 30 days cancellation notice.


  • Nominal fees
  • Offers a powerful fraud prevention system
  • Provides branded receipts for customers and merchants both
  • Charges are simple, elementary and clear
  • Satisfies the users with excellent customer service
  • Provides the excellent, reliable payment system
  • The sign-up process is painless
  • Provides 3D security


There are few negative reviews about this gateway. Besides, some slow service complaints are also there.

You can go through the website of Cardstream for additional details.

17. Pro Merchant

Pro Merchant is a Boston based company hosting point of sale credit card processing and mobile payments. The best part is you can subscribe for its month-to-month services. Which makes them ideal for new merchants and seasonal businesses. You will love their fastest account set up and free wireless VeriFone or credit card terminal on first-time account set up. Likewise, they also give you a choice between interchange plus flat-rate pricing and subscription-based pricing model. For an eCommerce business, they use the leverage of Authorize.net payment gateways. Therefore, it allows you to process various credit cards and mobile payment procedures.

Pro Merchant Fee

The fee for this payment gateway for a UK small business is $25 per month, and the virtual terminal rate is 2.90% and $0.30.


  • No setup fee or application fee
  • Interchange plus flat-rate pricing model
  • Monthly contracts
  • Best for new brands
  • No early termination charges
  • Competitive pricing
  • The transaction is possible through the phone, email, mail and text messages.
  • You can expect cost-saving due to the customized pricing model for each merchant account.


  • It is a new company without a long-term reputation.
  • The price for the per-transaction rate or plan rate is not disclosed on the website.
  • They are not directly processing your payments.
  • Due to the quick approval of the account in 24 hrs., there is a risk of early termination.
  • In my opinion, you should read the contract carefully before starting the account. Despite good reviews of ProMerchant, the number of studies is fewer to make a factual statement about their reputation.

18.  The Merchant Solution

The merchant solution is yet another online payment gateway to accept and send payments for U.K. eCommerce businesses. Founded in 1999, they got you covered for the best eCommerce credit card payment system with customizable options for your business needs. You can process your payments in multiple ways, including landline terminal, wireless terminal and gateway set up. For security features, they use Address verification and car verification service to avoid fraudulent transactions.

The Merchant Solution Fee

The payment gateway fee is $25 per month, and an early termination fee is up to $400.


  • 30 trail account set up risk-free days


  • Undisclosed fee system
  • Bad customer service
  • hidden charges and extra billing

19.  Google Pay

Google pay is the cheapest payment gateway for small businesses in the UK. Besides, it is in one payment solution catering to your personal and business needs. Available for iOS, Android, and web devices, this app uses the credit card, debit card, and bank account, both online and in-store, to send money to others. Besides, google pay secures your information with multiple layers of security. Therefore, despite your actual card information, google pay passes an encrypted code to the card issuer for verification. For this purpose, they use NFC technology to make contactless payments possible.

Google Pay Fee

There is no fee for the use of the debit card and bank transfer.

The google checkout rates are 1.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

For monthly sale volume less than $3,000, they charge 2.9 % plus a $0.3 fee per transaction. Similarly, the monthly fee decreases with the increase in sales volume.


  • Industry leader companies using google pay for payment processing.
  • All in one platform for person to person, online and in-store shopping
  • You can easily integrate it with other payment services.
  • Fast and secure payment method
  • Best for Android users
  • You can get reward points for promoting the google pay app.


  • Not applicable to be used everywhere
  • This app is supported only on the latest NFC-enabled devices; otherwise, you can’t use it with the older mobile version.
  • Your phone is necessary for your payments. If you lost it, you don’t have receipts and can’t use a google play account.

20. Wepay

Founded in 2008, WePay is the preferred online payment method for UK small businesses. One of the best features is that they don’t charge an overhead cost per transaction. But they don’t accept PayPal payments which makes them the least choice for eCommerce business. Its low price is suitable for small businesses to process debit cards, credit cards, Apple pay, Bitcoin, and ACH payments.

Reply Fee

They charge you 2.9% plus 0.3o per transaction.


  • No monthly fee
  • Speedy transaction process
  • No cancellation fees
  • Month to month contract
  • WePay use API to allow


  • Don’t accept PayPal payments
  • Prone to frauds
  • No fee is disclosed on the website

 What is the best online payment gateways for UK small businesses?

I hope this article has helped you understand the differences between payment gateways so you choose the best online payment gateways for UK small business.

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