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What is Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is a popular business model which allows online businesses to buy the product from their supplier after they receive an order from the customer reducing the risk of unsold products and cutting inventory costs. It is perfect for anyone who wants to establish a risk-free online dropshipping business in the UK without investing capital in the inventory and worrying about the logistical issues of the product and delivery.

It gives online business owners more time to concentrate on their customers and do more business while outsourcing the supply side of the business. You can rely on us to provide the biggest selection of dropshipping products anywhere in the UK for competitive prices enabling you to seize a healthy profit margin every time you make a sale. We are a free dropshipping platform in the UK. Our delivery times are very fast and reliable for any merchant that wants to start a wholesale or dropshipping business from UK-based suppliers free of any subscription charges.

Dropshipping Supply Chain Model


Differences between Dropshipping and Wholesale Business

The biggest difference between dropshipping and wholesale is the managing of the inventory of products. They are both product acquisition-centric models. In the case of dropshipping, you do not need an inventory of products instead all you need is a storefront to take orders while in wholesale – product inventory is important to maintain because the items are bought at a larger scale.

Why should you choose us to start your dropshipping business?

Dropship with us to reduce the risk of failing on a massive amount of core capital as we currently offer dropshipping in the UK for free for your online business. We can help you with starting your long-cherished business right here, right now, with our services without the anxiety of logistic issues and customer delivery on time.We also have our regional-based service in Surrey, which facilitates dropship high-demand products.



Our Brilliant Features for Dropshipping

If you are looking for dropshipping or wholesale products, Open an online store with us to start a dropshipping business in the UK for free from our UK-based suppliers that can deliver quickly and reliably. We have the biggest selection of UK dropshipping and wholesale products and a lot more features.

Free dropshipping platform in the UK
Customise your own Store

Built-in themes

We have six different themes that come packed with features for your customers. It does not matter what business purpose you have in your mind; you can furnish your website with our eye-catching and purposeful products using our free dropshipping platform in the UK. Each theme is seeking attention from the customers to make their shopping experience worthy.

Smart customised product

Product customiSation

You can customise your product on your eCommerce website just the way you want. We can help with tagging the themes and prices according to the product. Your customers can also search for their wished products and have a safe payment system.

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add different attribute of products

Product variations

A successful business is built upon supply according to the customers’ wants whenever and wherever. This capability is only achieved when you can bring variation in product supply. When we take orders from our customers, we do not stick to only one type of product.

We have plenty of suppliers in the UK

UK-based supplierS

Our dropshipping products are solely sourced from UK-based suppliers and are available for our merchants on a subscription-free basis. We also bring the best of goods from inside the UK while topping the UK dropshippers list. The expectation and demands of both the merchant and customers of this area are easily understandable. Before start, you need to learn how to choose dropshipping product, because it’s very important to choose the right product for your business. 

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Get update from live analytics data

Live statistics

There are many things to follow while the products are being processed and on their way. You have to take care of the analytics and how the goods are selling out, whether the products are coming off right. You can now check out all these statistics through our live data without missing any essential points.

For fraud detection and secure transaction

Payment gateway integration

If you are an online businessman, taking care of a payment gateway may seem unbearable to some level. We are offering the feature not to daunt you and have a smooth payment experience. From the customer to acquirer, the payment gateway is integrated so that whatever your customer is paying will be smoothly gliding to your account.

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Offer an automated inventory management system

Inventory management

We have an automated inventory management system for product upload and customisation on our free UK dropshipping platform. We can also take care of your order fulfillment so that orders do not get spoiled with time.

Get access everything with our well designed dashboard

All-in-one dashboard

You can check the status of the products and how much of them are selling out, how your financial transactions are doing, how much interest the products have got from the dashboard. It will give you an entire idea about your business, status as well.

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SEO Optimized Meta Data Customization

SEO friendly title and description

If you do not know how to make your products reach easily through online platforms, don’t worry about it. We have an option to build SEO-friendly titles for each product and furnish them with the necessary descriptions. That way, the product’s reports will be attention-seeking, all while keeping up with the latest search engines.

Auto compressed image facilitate on bulk loading time

Auto image compressor

Our solution provides this feature so that your page does not take much time and effort to load for your customers. The image compressor makes the image easier to load without losing its quality. They are also SEO friendly so that the customers tend to find them effortlessly while searching.

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Boost up on selling products through marketplaces

Marketplace & social media integration

Through marketplace and social channel integration of your site, you can sync your inventory with them. This way, you gather more traffic and eventually boost up your sales and generate a good return on your investment. It reduces your day-to-day workload in an efficient way of course.

Customer always get seamless experience on cart access

Flexible Cart Management with coupon/promo code

Automatic order price calculation with coupon or promotional discount adjustment, your customer gets a hassle-free experience undoubtedly. Also, our Add, delete, increase or decrease the number of ordered products option, display available stock with each product within cart and above all the shipping charge option, really give a different dimensional taste.   

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We are always on to troubleshoot your problem

24*7 support

Whenever it seems like anything is going wrong, feel free to knock us. We ensure support 24 hours, day and night, even during holidays. Your inquiries and problems will never go unchecked with us on the watch.



This page will show you how you can create your online store easily and effectively without facing any issues. You can learn several things on how to choose a theme, how to start your online business on our free dropshipping platform in the UK. 

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we made that arrangement which gives you a seamless experience that you never had before. So, build your store and start your business right now. You just need to follow these steps. 

Sign up with us

You have to sign up first on the platform for the whole experience.

Pick a template

Pick an eye-catching template from our storage that speaks the highest about your business.

Add custom domain

Choose a name for your business then get registered and finally add it to your eCommerce site.

Customise your site design

Glide through a couple of the themes offered by us to customize your site with your unique touch.

Build Inventory

Pick a niche and find a relevant product with a supplier. Then, sync their product to your store and update frequently.

Connect to the marketplace

Connect your website and account to the marketplace for marketing your product to go through the pricing schedule.

Choose products to recurred order

Choose the best products that you need to do business with recurrently and confirm their fulfillment facility.

Congrats! Start Selling

You can do selling the product and receiving paychecks from your customers through our online store. Our dropshipping servicing in the UK will handle the rest.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are a free dropshipping platform in the UK. So you do not need to pay any fees. You can go to our platform at and order there. We will ship to your customer’s address.

You need to open an eCommerce website with us, get orders from your customers then place your order on Martave Inventory entering your customer’s shipping address.

Your customers will get their orders within 5 working days.

There are no custom or import fees on UK products.

We have seen that UK merchants rely on overseas suppliers that have two months delivery time that leave the customer very frustrated. Our dropshipping platform relies on UK wholesalers and drop shippers so you have all the advantages of dealing with the UK market. And couple of the platform for example – Oberlo or Crov  who offer this solution is not good and comprehensive enough.

Here is a list of products that are high on public demand and can give your business an immediate kick for the starter:

  • Cosmetics and skincare products.
  • Eco-friendly products.
  • Herbal teas.
  • Diet products.

if you are a supplier and want to list your products on our platform, please get in touch with us and we will assist you.

Dropshipping service in the UK is highly profitable due to increasing demand from the customers. You can get supplies according to the number of orders without having to worry about ruined stocks. You can also start the business with a small amount of capital without risking much of the stake.

Furthermore, we currently offer dropshipping uk free. So, all you need to do is update your website and products according to customer demand from time to time and increase the pricing tag.

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I started my jewellry business on Martave's dropshipping platform using a free theme. I have found the platform to be very helpful in establishing my online business. They offer a wide range of products that I can ship to my customers directly without buying inventory.
Emily Watson
You have migrated our online store to Martave's free dropshipping platform here in the UK. We have seen enormous growth in the beauty products business during the last couple of years. The platform has strong SEO capabilities.
Tina Oliver
I have lost my job during COVID crisis. I have since started a free dropshipping eCommerce website on Martave selling bags to students on Amazon. I started generating income. I am very happy with the results that I have seen.
Jennifer Dunn
Dance Teacher
​I have a bike repair business from my garden. I started an eCommerce website on dropshipping Martave. the platform helped me reach my clients very effectively. I started being found online in Kent, the UK in my local area.
George Weah
I always had the determination to start my business during university. I have started selling electronics on Martave's dropshipping UK free platform. I was very impressed with their UK's support team.
Dan James
I am very pleased with the dropshipping uk free platform and its capabilities to impress me everyday
Emma Tan
High School Student