Amazing Ecommerce Features

We offer best Ecommerce features for Small Business in UK

Shop Design

Our ecommerce websites are fully customizable. Our UK built ecommerce platform is capable of performing many functionalities with ease:

Beautiful Customizable Themes:

Choose a beautiful ecommerce website theme from Martave or switch between different themes at the click of a button whilst keeping your ecommerce shop Live for online shopping. Merchants on Martave’s ecommerce platform can set the currency in which they want to price their products and receive payments, this gives you the chance to establish online shops that sell in USA, EU & UK.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly themes:

Our ecommerce stores are built using Bootstrap. They are mobile, tablet and desktop friendly so your customers can view your products and make orders using any device on your ecommerce store.

Product search:

Our ecommerce websites allow online shoppers to search for products by brand, price & product categories. They also allow customers to write reviews about purchases they made. Martave’s app is very strong on making your customers find what they are looking for.

Secure payment gateway:

Our payment gateway adheres to the EU regulations of strong customer authentication which adds security to your customer online purchases and reduces fraud. Martave ecommerce platform will make sure that your customers payments are processed by banks by automatically adhering to regulations without you writing any code or knowing about the regulations.

Experts available:

If you feel that you want all the benefits of Martave’s Django ecommerce platform but want extra features, our ecommerce development team will work with you to create all the features you wanted. We can work with you on a suitable price plan if you want a custom ecommerce theme or a custom app for your business on our ecommerce platform.

Add unlimited products:

Martave’s platform is capable of adding unlimited products individually or in bulk. Our ecommerce websites automatically show your customers newly added products and trending products so your ecommerce shop is geared to sell more of your trending items. Our Martave’s UK built platform makes adding products super easy with our quick product add.

Advanced Theme edits:

Whether you want to enter your online shop logo, banner images, shop name, welcome message to your customer or physical location on Google map, Martave ecommerce platform is capable of giving all these features and much more. If you have a theme in mind that you want to integrate with us, our development team is ready to help.

Product images:

A picture says a thousand words. When you upload your product image to Martave ecommerce platform, our UK’s built ecommerce solution works behind the scenes to optimize your product image and displayed it correctly.

Use your physical store:

Enter your physical store location address and Google co-ordinates on your ecommerce store so customers can get directions to your shop. You could use your physical store so customers can come to your physical shop too.

Web Hosting

24/7 server monitoring:

Martave’s ecommerce websites are hosted on the cloud. Our UK built ecommerce platform is a Software as a Service product that is built with the best in class technology and it can be scaled up almost instantly.

99.9% uptime:

Martave’s ecommerce platform is hosted on the cloud which has the highest uptime available yet.

Free SSL certificate:

We offer free SSL certificates to all of our ecommerce shops which makes your website very secure for online shopping and trusted by customers.

Cutting edge technology & security:

Do not risk it with other ecommerce platforms. Martave’s ecommerce platform have used the best available technology, we are a cloud based application and we take security of your online shop very seriously.

Product Management

Easy product uploads:

Martave’s UK built ecommerce platform allows merchants to add products by entering their brand, product types, product attributes such as drop-down menus for sizes and colors which makes it easy to manage large and small online shops’ inventory.

Comprehensive product information:

Upload your products in bulk to Martave ecommerce platform. Write rich product description and make your ecommerce shop search engine friendly.

Back in stock product alert:

Customers could register for back in stock notification which they will receive automatically as soon as you increase the number of items available.

Beautiful Featured Images:

Upload your product images which will be optimized automatically on Martave ecommerce platform to guarantee smooth customer experience.

Selling Channels

Connect with Social Media accounts:

Martave’s UK built ecommerce platform is very good at getting you orders to your ecommerce website. We will connect you to multiple sale channels at the same time, this includes Google Shopping, Instagram and Facebook shop. Setting up your own ecommerce website will save you transaction fees that other ecommerce platforms charge.

Zero commission on sales:

Martave ecommerce platform does not charge you payment fees on top of what the payment gateway charges.

Manage your Store

Manage & complete orders

See all your order history of your online shop with a rich view of your customers, their orders, their reviews, their addresses and their geographic distribution on a map that covers the whole globe. Martave’s ecommerce platform has all these features ready to kick-start your online shop.

Collect customer data:

Keep your customer updated with regards to their order. Our ecommerce websites will send your customers automatic updates when the status of the order changes to shipped, cancelled or when a product becomes back in stock.

Customer Accounts

Customers could open an account on your ecommerce shop or checkout as a guest, making you in full control of your orders and customer data. Customers could have a wish list of products and register to be informed when a product is back in stock.

Marketing Features:

Social networks integration:

See all your order history of your online shop with a rich view of your customers, their orders, their reviews, their addresses and their geographic distribution on a map that covers the whole globe. Martave’s ecommerce platform has all these features ready to kick-start your online shop.

Social Sharing:

Your online shop has all the social sharing links needed to build an online audience to your products.

Runs ads:

Use your customer data to run ads on Google and Facebook to attract lookalike audience and customers to your online store to increase sales.