Free eCommerce Platform in the UK with Unlimited Products

Martave is a free eCommerce platform in the UK with unlimited products that lets you build and launch an online store in minutes. We are the ideal platform for merchants who want to begin selling online risk-free. You can create a free eCommerce website, add products, start taking payments and launch your business in minutes. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s free.

Advanced Features

Martave is a free eCommerce website platform that lets you build and launch an online store in minutes.

We have a wide range of advanced features in our UK’s free eCommerce platform, such as low stock level alerts, back in stock notifications, unlimited products and check-out as a customer or guest. We can develop custom features for more advanced eCommerce clients.

Continous updates

We ensure that by enhancing our platform continuously, you get more features as we keep working on development. Your shop will benefit from incremental enhancements and functionalities we keep adding all the time even if you are on our free plan, we are a free eCommerce platform in the UK with unlimited products.

Integrated Payment Gateway

We make it incredibly easy to start accepting credit card payments securely. You can integrate Stripe payment gateway into your shop. 

We are one of the few eCommerce platforms in the UK with unlimited products to add to your website and comes with an integrated payment gateway.

Customized Design

Martave gives you a beautiful and simple eCommerce website with powerful eCommerce functionality and a wide range of extra features such as SEO optimization. It’s the least expensive and easiest way to start a professional online store. Our simple customization tools allow everyone to build a beautiful storefront, even if you’re not a designer.

Start your online eCommerce website with Martave

You will get all the tools necessary to make your online website a success. You can start on a subdomain using a free eCommerce website, add unlimited products and you are on your way to establishing your online store.

Our free eCommerce platform in the UK with unlimited products to add makes it easy to create your online store in a few clicks. We offer six themes. All of them allow you to add products, customize your online store and set up a payment gateway.

Features of Martave's eCommerce store

Our themes are packed with useful features that allow you to run a successful eCommerce business. 

The online selling market has created a level playing field for all merchants to start selling online. Some merchants haven’t yet tested their ideas, so at Martave, we support you by giving you a free eCommerce website with the ability to sell unlimited products. Our free eCommerce website will accept payments from customers even if you are on a free plan.

Our dropshipping products combined with a free e-commerce website here in the UK will give you the best chance to test your products risk-free and start your business.

Why start an online business?

Online businesses are almost risk-free investments due to the modest start-up costs. A typical budget for starting an online business is under £100. Owners of online businesses usually sell jewellery, beauty products, skincare, perfumes and books.

Our platform does not need any coding or technical experience. If you are a single mum, a student or a sole entrepreneur, our UK-based free eCommerce platform is great to start your online business from home and start earning extra income by adding unlimited products to your online store.

How do I create a free eCommerce website?

You can build a store in the following simple steps: 

Martave is a free eCommerce platform in the UK for online stores with unlimited products. We are a no-code solution that enables non-technical users to build online stores fast and with no coding skills. With Martave, you can create your online store in minutes and start selling your products and services.

You can sign-up with us for FREE! 

Martave is one of the best free eCommerce platforms in the UK. It offers ready-made eCommerce websites that can be customized to suit any industry or business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call or mail us after visit our site to get your solution immediately and start your Business right there.

Can I use my online store to sell on social media?

Yes, you can connect your online store to Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram.

What will I miss in a free eCommerce store?

You will be able to sell up to five products unlimited times. Paid plans come with more features, such as accepting coupons and setting shipping rates.

Do you offer SEO with your free plans?

We have a sizable dropshipping site from vetted UK suppliers. You can import those products to your eCommerce website. 

What eCommerce websites can you create for me?

Yes, our free plan offers the same sophisticated level of SEO as other paid plans.

Are there any transaction fees?

We charge 0% transaction fees. In other words, we do not charge you anything on top of what the card issuers usually charge.

Can I integrate a payment gateway with my free eCommerce website?

Yes, our free plan allows merchants to integrate Stripe.

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