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free eCommerce website for small businesses in the UK

If you think about or already have a small business, then you need to know about the free eCommerce website for small businesses in the UK. This is where Martave comes in. We offer a completely free eCommerce solution for UK small businesses.

free eCommerce website for small businesses in the UK

About small business

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best eCommerce platform for UK small business- YOU NEED TO KNOW

What is a Small Business?

A typical small business earns a moderately small amount of profit, serves a local or regional market, and hires a small number of employees that are usually family members. A small business is an organization that creates income straight after the launch of the business. They require a small investment and a short time to formulate how to make profits. They do not need a big marketing budget; they rely on word of mouth. Businesses differ in size. Most of us came across very small or micro-businesses—for example, one-person professions such as plumbers or micro-businesses with fewer than five employees. Take the examples of a personal accountant, a takeaway restaurant, a corner shop, or a cafe employing just one or two staff members. On the other hand, some businesses are giant - global corporations using thousands of employees and engaging in tens of different countries. We are all aware of multinational companies, such as Amazon, Google, Adidas, HSBC, and many more well-known and less well-known international companies.

Small Business Supply Chain

Fig. — Small Business Cash Flow Model

free ecommerce website for small businesses in the UK



Difference between small businesses and startups —

Startups are growing businesses established to provide a new product or service or re-invent an existing product or service, take it to market quickly and cause creative chaos by changing how customers want to receive the service or product forever. Startups are innovative enterprises used to seeing deficiencies of existing products and services or imagining completely new goods and services by upsetting conventional profit-making approaches for whole industries.

Fig. — Things to know about when you are in Retail Business

The Growth Intention – 

A startup aims to upset the market with an unprecedented way of providing a product that will become popular and replace the old way of doing business by creating irreversible change.


Startups need seed funds and have more than one founder. They require a very long time to generate profits.

On the other hand, small businesses do not need a massive seed fund to start, and they can generate profits right away and typically have one owner who is also the founder. Small businesses do not create new markets for themselves; instead, they work in an existing market and profit from it by being local.

Startups are tech-savvy companies that can scale up and proliferate by reaching all geographical areas, while small businesses are generally local businesses that do not have strong growth potential.

Online presence — 

Small businesses tend to neglect the importance of an online presence while startups emphasis their online presence.

To find products in the UK market, you can visit our Commercial Repository Martave Store. We have thousands of dropshipping and wholesale products from trusted UK suppliers. You can add those products to your eCommerce SME Retail website and start selling in a few clicks. You can also try to find products by product ideas, types of products, and product categories.

think conventional way - but become digital

Online Store - Insight benefits

How to grow a small business online?

Setup an eCommerce website —

The most significant error you can make as a small business owner is picking an international eCommerce platform to build your small business website in the UK. An international eCommerce platform like Shopify or Wix will cost you more money. Shopify charges merchants for themes, credit card charges and monthly fees for hosting your eCommerce website Our platform Martave is a UK-based eCommerce platform, and it is well-positioned to work with small businesses in the UK. We offer free themes and a 0% credit card charge. Our UK-friendly staff is happy to help.

free ecommerce website for small businesses in the UK

Fig. — Shop in your Pocket - Manage everything in there.

Select a functional and simple eCommerce website —

Martave offers six free themes that are simple yet functional with all the necessary features that any small business will need.

Our themes include several features:

Everything you need to start is here


For full stack Performance, we offer this special features that you also need to follow —


Search Engine Optimisation is a tremendous element of website power. It is the most crucial channel that brings sales and conversions and generating leads that can be converted to future customers.

Local SEO —

Local SEO strives at optimizing your online presence to appear in a specific local area so that customers can discover you online swiftly and, placing them one step closer to a purchase. Local search engine optimizations concentrate on particular boroughs, towns, provinces, or postcodes to establish a viable tool for a brand on a local level.

Start a YouTube channel —

YouTube has over a billion viewers. This suggests videos on YouTube can be an opportunity to acquire new customers to your website and build your brand and develop an audience of likely consumers. Achieving that needs a solid plan for YouTube SEO. It would be best if you recognized that viewers are not watching YouTube purchases. They want to learn how to solve a problem. Informative videos relevant to your niche keywords and your business that combine personal connection through recommendations lead to successful SEO campaigns. At Martvae, you can rely on us to create videos for your small ecommerce business in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which eCommerce platform is best for free eCommerce website for small businesses in the UK?

You understand that time is a luxury that you can’t afford for those operating a small business. By the time you’ve settled on the best eCommerce platform for small business UK and built a product, it’ll be time to launch that business. If you’re going to spend your limited time on a new business, why not select a platform that offers you the best chance of success?
Martave has been helping small businesses with their eCommerce for over a long time, and we’re proud to have been the leading solution for thousands of UK small businesses. Also, you can check out which eCommerce platform is the best for small businesses in the UK.

At Martave, we offer you the chance to add unlimited products to our platform.

Why you need shopping cart software for small businesses?

One of the most significant shifts in e-commerce has been moving from online shopping carts to shopping apps. While many online shops still offer an eCommerce solution to customers, the growth of auto-billing and the rise of mobile commerce have led to a decline in online shopping carts. By contrast, a free shopping cart software for small businesses like Martave gives you the features you need, alongside a friendly and secure shopping cart that's 100% free to use.

How to start an online shop?

Staying in business can be a challenge for small businesses, but there are ways to overcome it, including getting your products into the hands of customers. The most common way is through an online shop. However, starting an online shop from scratch can be daunting for many. Fortunately, some companies offer an online shop solution free of charge in the UK. Martave is a UK-based company that offers a fully automated eCommerce solution for small businesses. Martave is a free eCommerce solution, which doesn’t cost you a penny until you make a sale. Martave is fully compatible with all major mobile devices, including everything you need to create an online shop like a shopping cart system, stock management, shop customization, and more.

How to sell on Facebook Shops?

The rise of social media has led to increased social shopping platforms, including Facebook, which has enabled anyone to start a store and start selling. The best part about the process is that the product will sell itself. If the product is good, people will be willing to buy it. The problem is that people have to know about the product before they can buy it.

Also, there are other very effective ways you can try to promote your products via native ads through email marketing, set up virtual assistants for live chat, talk over the phone, and finally posting ads on classified sites. We can settle down those things if you need some help. Send your Query now through press the following button -

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