Google vs Facebook Ads Which is Best for Your Online Business

If you want to create ecommerce website then you might need to start a marketing campaign on either Google or Facebook. There is a big difference between Google vs Facebook ads so it is important to understand the difference before you commit your money.

Marketing campaigns can cost thousands and it is important to get your marketing strategy right before you lose your hard-earned money. This article explains the difference between the two platforms.

Google advertising:

Google ads are known as Pay Per Click (“PPC”) or paid search advertising. Google leverages its position as a search engine where 90% of searches happen on Google to show ads to users in the hope that they can click on your ad and buy your product. This is called conversions.

Google charges advertising for clicks which might or might not result in conversions. The way Google ads work is by matching your ads keywords to the words of the searches they have. When you start your Google ads account, you will be asked to enter the keywords or phrases that your customers search for.

Knowing the right keywords can be a daunting task. Many people think that they know their keywords but this cannot be further from the truth. when you select a list of keywords Google will enter your keywords along with the keywords of your competitors to see who will bid higher to display their ad on the top of the Google search results. Depending on your budget and the competition for keywords in your market place, you could find your ads being losing out each time a relevant search happens on Google search network.

So, you have to find your niche keywords that work in comparison to your competitors. This is a learning process that takes a lot of time and a lot of money to perfect and get right. You might save yourself a fortune if you do your research beforehand.

The main disadvantage of Google advertising is that Google ads is based on keywords or phrases and not the intent of the customers who are conducting the search in that sense you will find that many of your clicks are coming from people who have no intent of purchasing anything and they are just browsing. Even many conversions could be coming from people who are not serious about buying anything.

So how to improve your Google ads campaign:

Use negative keywords:

One way of improving your chances of getting some serious conversions is to refine your keywords and add negative keywords. For example, if your keyword is ecommerce website your ad could be shown to people who are looking for dating website. Those are empty clicks that cost money so it is better if you add dating to your negative keywords list.

Use exact match:

Google could match your keywords or phrases to broad match keywords or phrases so it is better to enter exact matches. i.e. ecommerce business. This will avoid showing your ad to people who are looking for broadly similar service.

Use an automated bidding strategy:

Google has a number of bidding strategies such as manual or automated. Manual allows advertising to select how much to pay for a click whilst automated strategies allows you to get Google to automate the bidding strategy for you to maximise conversions or clicks.

Setup conversion tracking:

Conversion tracking are codes generated by Google to include on your website. Google use this code to know the conversions that are happening on your website. It is extremely important to setup conversion tracking to know where your conversions are coming from this includes geographical area of conversions, ads and keywords that generated the conversions. If you do not setup conversion tracking correctly then you and Google will not have any idea about valuable information that you are missing.

Facebook advertising:

Facebook is another giant in the world of advertising but it works differently to Google. Google targets customers when they search for specific keywords or phrases whilst Facebook targets customers when they are spending time on Facebook page. Facebook targeting is based on behaviour and previous searches. When you setup your Facebook campaign you have the ability to select the profile of your ideal customer such as located in UK, age is 20-30 and is interested in buying kitchenware.

Facebook could offer a more targeted advertising campaign and save money on your ads budget because they have a very good idea about the behaviour of their Facebook users. Some advertisers prefer Facebook if their product is a video game or if the product or service is related to travel, this is because people spend their time socialising and entertaining themselves on Facebook so if you are one of those then Facebook is definitely the right platform for you.

Facebook ads include ads on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger so it has a very good user coverage.

Final words:

So, you might be asking yourself which platform to use for advertising to grow your online business. The answer is that it might not be Facebook or Google but a mix of both.

You might use Google to reach buyers if you know the keywords they use. You can convert them to buyers. One thing you have to know is that advertising is very crowded these days and the costs have gone up since a few years back so you must be patient and learn from your costly mistakes.

Advertisers normally complement Facebook with Google in a sense that they use Google as their primary advertising platform but complement their campaign with Facebook to do targeting. The most useful feature with Facebook is that they can re-target potential customers if you have their email address or their telephone numbers.  If you have potential customers or previous customers then you can re-target with ads to get more business from them.

One thing is certain in the world of advertising is that if you do your research well then you will save time and money.

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