How to Establish a Dropshipping Makeup Brand in The UK to Sell Online?

how to establish a makeup brand in the UK to sell online

Dropshipping is the best solution for young entrepreneurs to enter any business and start earning either as a student or working alone.

A young dropshipping hero, Lachlan Delchau from Queensland, Australia, managed to earn $ 70,000 in sales in just one month with e-commerce. He explains:

“Dropshipping is the entry point for a lot of people into eCommerce business and entrepreneurship.”

Selling makeup online is the perfect first business.  Therefore, everyone can start an online business like him at a young age.

But there are many questions in the mind of young entrepreneurs. Today, we are answering your queries that are related to how to establish a dropshipping makeup brand in the UK to sell online.


Why dropshipping beauty products in the UK is the biggest hype these days?


I have seen people are asking: Why should I start an online makeup business?

Makeup is suitable for the dropshipping business model mainly because you don’t need to manage inventory. Moreover, if you want to establish a dropshipping makeup brand in the UK to sell online, makeup is one of the fastest-growing product lines to choose for your online store.  the annual growth rate of the cosmetics industry is 4.75%. Therefore, researchers predict that the global makeup market is expected to reach a value of $716 Billion by 2025.  Every day, there are new brands entering the market. Who doesn’t want to take a pie from this vast market?

We can see a significant rise in the use of cosmetics among men as well as women. Such trends have led to the growth of the global cosmetics market.

How to begin your makeup dropshipping business in the UK?


If you are thinking of starting a makeup business but aren’t sure where to start, you have landed at the right place.

Most people have realized the significance of creating a web-based business in a period where maintaining a brick-and-mortar business is not sustainable. COVID has made consumers look for goods and services online.

Keep in mind that setting up a makeup brand in the UK to sell online isn’t easy. But things can be simplified by following the steps given in this article and choosing the right e-commerce solution for your business. Yet you’ll have to consider many factors that play a significant role in the success of your online business.

The most important factor in the success of any online business is the creation of engaging content to generate more leads since the more traffic you bring to your site, the more leads you’ll get, and as a result, the more conversions will happen on the website.

Best Practices to Establish a Dropshipping Makeup Brand in the UK to Sell Online


Here we have come up with some of the best and the most profitable practices to help you establish a makeup business in the UK to sell online. So, let’s peep into the content without any further ado.

Choose Your Product line, Finding your Niche

How would you like to enter this multi-million-dollar industry that is growing at the fastest rate and expected to be worth 756 billion by 2026? Ideally, it would be best if you have a perfect niche to grow as a makeup brand in the UK to sell online.

Undoubtedly, it is the most challenging niche to grow. Like, we usually see in a dragon’s den, an entrepreneur comes with high hopes, but investors put down their hopes by asking probing questions. Therefore, start by finding answers to the following questions:

  • What is my niche?
  • Did I identify a gap in the market?
  • Where can I find my customers?
  • Do I have a unique customer base as compared to competitors?
  • What is the growth rate of my niche? (Very few customers like people with specific skin allergies or a consistent customer base?)
  • Or my niche has very few selected customers?
  • Is my niche based on an emerging trend from an Instagram influencer?
  • Does my product have some edge over competitors’ products?

Every answer needs deep research and multiple brainstorming sessions. Remember, this is the overriding factor before starting a makeup brand in the UK to sell online. Therefore, go through all sources like Google trends, Instagram, beauty magazines, influencers’ trends, Pinterest top beauty trends. Ultimately, your research will bear fruits in finding a niche for makeup brands in the UK to sell online.

Launch a Premium-Quality E-Commerce Store

To set up a makeup brand in the UK to sell online, you should create an E-Commerce store for your business. Well, an E-Commerce store gives your business the ability to reach your customers worldwide. It’s the fastest-growing retail market with so many people making their purchases online. In fact, it saves buyers’ time, and they spend less time shopping for what they want.

All you have to do is take care of the design, content, navigation, and overall website interface while creating it. In actual fact, your E-Commerce store is the first impression of your brand. So, ensure to hire the right people to create your business site.

You have a lot of choices to start your own free E-Commerce dropshipping platform to sell your products but very few provide you with the best E-Commerce solutions. And it will be very unfair if I don’t mention the new emerging best E-Commerce platform Martave which will truly help you to run your own free E-Commerce dropshipping website to sell your products without any hassle.

Understand the Rules and Regulations

When it comes to starting a beauty business in the UK, health and safety is often unappreciated. The cosmetic products that you sell must be safe. There are specific requirements for selling cosmetics in the UK. Hazardous components used in the manufacturing of many cosmetic products should be avoided since they might cause skin and respiratory problems in many people. It’s the duty of the seller to disclose the risks related to the products and goods must be thoroughly tested before being released to the public.

It’s an offence for a UK citizen to supply a makeup product that may cause damage to skin or health. The presentation of the makeup product, particularly its form, colour, odour, packaging, or labelling, shouldn’t endanger the health and safety of consumers.

It’s a crime for a UK based cosmetics seller to deliver the customer with an inaccurately tagged makeup product. The labelling demands the manufacturer to write their name and address, the ingredients used to make the product, durability marking, function and precautions.

The Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations set out requirements that must be met before the product is placed in Great Britain’s market.

The laws are easier to follow if you take the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) safety course that will surely assist you to comply with these laws.

Know Your Customers

It’s very important to know who you’re selling to. Yes, understanding your target customers is necessary since the language and the information you use to communicate with your target customers may not be effective with another. Of course, understanding your main interest group facilitates more consistency in promoting your brand and allows you to connect with your customers easily.

While keeping in mind your customers, before launching a makeup brand in the UK to sell online, consider the following points:

Due to the pandemic, more people have started shopping online instead of visiting the stores physically. However, people always love to test things in person while buying makeup products. That’s why you should include detailed descriptions and high-quality images of every product to provide as much information as possible so that people don’t feel they are missing out on testing their selected products in person before purchasing.

Provide more and more photos of the makeup on numerous models to help people choose the right product for them. It will also help people to perceive what different shades may look like on them.

Incorporate reviews of the customers on the website to make your brand more reliable. Customers always read reviews before making a purchase.

Keyword Research

If you want to get more traffic and customers on your online store, there is a concrete solution and that is keyword research. Keyword research means to identify the popular search terms that people type into Google while searching for their query.

Remember, SEO is a crucial necessity for E-Commerce websites. It will not only increase your organic traffic but also help your E-Commerce site rank higher in search engines.

To establish your dropshipping makeup brand successfully, your main goal should be to find out the actual keywords customers use to search for specific products. You must know what keywords to include on your site to trigger your store higher on search results.

It’s surely a genuine way of figuring out what makeup products are in demand right now. This strategy will make your E-Commerce store more visible to customers.

Are you getting worried about how will your E-Commerce dropshipping website work out successfully with all these practices to establish a dropshipping makeup brand in the UK to sell online? Well! Don’t get flustered. Stay calm! We have the best proposition for you in the form of an amazing free E-Commerce dropshipping website from Martave. The incredible E-Commerce dropshipping platform, Martave, provides you with even a free E-Commerce store. Martave offers a higher level of SEO service with both free and premium plans to help you grow your E-Commerce dropshipping platform thrivingly.


Hire a Professional Graphic Designer for TOP Notch Product Images

Your E-Commerce website will start selling only when the customers are persuaded that the items you sell are incredible. Undoubtedly, the product images on your E-Commerce site play a pivotal role in making the visitors enter their credit card details.

Primarily an E-Commerce site works on the rule of ‘what you see is what you get.’ That’s why you’ll have to incorporate top-notch images of your products to attract customers. For this purpose, you should recruit a professional graphic designer to polish your product images on the site and make them look enchanting.

Hire a Professional Copywriter to Compose Good Product Descriptions

Writing a good product description is another aspect of an E-Commerce site. The more engaging content you put around the products you want to sell, the more visitors you have on your site. Basically, you persuade your customers through the unique and engaging content related to your brand products. That’s why a product depiction is mainly a piece of content that gives the buyers some understanding of what the item offers.

In fact, a good product description targets the customers’ pain points and presents the products as an effective solution. So, to convince your customers to buy your products, you’ll have to hire a professional copywriter who has experience in writing engaging content for the makeup industry.

Social Media Marketing

All the above-prescribed procedures will assist you with setting up your web-based presence.  Now, it’s the perfect time to direct people to your E-Commerce store. Indeed, one of the best approaches to direct people to your site is running social media campaigns. The social media campaign is the most common way of exhibiting your brand products on various web-based media channels and driving traffic from the channels to your site. So, we highly suggest running web-based publicizing campaigns via web-based media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. These social media channels will certainly help you achieve better brand exposure.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing strategy is another significant aspect to establish a dropshipping makeup brand in the UK to sell online. Customers always look for what other people say about your brand.

Presently, when they see a lot of people not only talking about your brand but also recommending your products to others, they will definitely be inclined to try your products. This is by and large what we call influencer marketing. You’ll have to connect with famous influencers and request them to check out your brand products and leave a genuine review. This is perhaps the least demanding approach to arrive at your target customers.

Request Customer Reviews

Using different marketing strategies to extend your business is so important. In addition to above mentioned significant aspects, online reviews have a very significant impact on increasing your website traffic. So, it is important that you ask your customers to leave honest reviews on your website.

The reviews left by your visitors help you to understand overall customer satisfaction. They also help you to perceive what your customers truly want.

Moreover, reviews empower new businesses and organizations to stand side by side with more settled competitors and potentially acquire a positive niche in people’s assessment and expectations.

While leaving the reviews, customers feel like they have a voice even behind a laptop or mobile and give feedback in a good and significant manner. You need to thank your customers for leaving their genuine reviews since most of them never bother to comment and just walk away.

By using customers’ reviews as input, you will be able to resolve the issues rapidly and productively that buyers confront. Hence, you create a positive experience for the customers and maintain your emphasis on their necessities.

Run Advertising Campaigns

Running advertising campaigns is another crucial factor to increase your traffic and sales. Through these campaigns, you bring back your customers who leave your store without making a purchase. In fact, these campaigns help you to persuade the audience to return to your site by drawing their attention through stirring offers. This is an exceptionally viable advertising technique, and we propose you implement it for the success of your web-based cosmetic business.


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