How to Sell Toys Online in 3 simple steps?

How to Sell Toys Online in 3 simple steps?

how to start online toys business in the UK


How to sell toys online successfully can only be done by understanding the UK’s toys market. The UK stands fourth among the largest market for toy sales globally. Moreover, it is the top toy market in Europe with a toy sale of 3.3B last year. Statistics report that the toy market increases 5% value, and it might be associated with the COVID pandemic.

Many people used toys and games to seek comfort and enjoyment. While working or studying from home, families used games and toys to minimize isolation, create happiness, and stimulate kids and adults. Therefore, toys are an effective alternative for joy when tourism is closed, and people are stuck at home.

Guardian confirmed puzzles sales significantly increased up to 38%. During the lockdown, a huge increase in sales of games and puzzles was recorded. Families spend quality time while playing games together. Moreover, exercise sets sales also increased. Gyms were closed, and people used to play outdoor games and building sets during the spring and summer holidays.

Besides this, scientific sets, musical instruments, and learning toys were also the choice of parents to educate their kids while staying at home. About 8% increase was observed in this category. In conclusion, this ongoing pandemic leads to the trend of toys and games.

Types of Toys

Toys are for all, starting from kids to adults. However, the types vary depending upon the interest and age of the users. The toy is not limited to a doll in your toy box, but different other types of toys are also for fun, including puzzles, physical activity, development toys, food toys, and many more.

Different categories of toys are discussed below for better understanding.

1.    Educational Toys

Educational toys are the parents’ first preference who want to engage the toddlers, little kids, and school-age children to learn from home. It might include cause and effect games and electronic toys.

Educational and development toys enable kids to learn to focus and concentrate. Thus, kids work until the task is complete. Such qualities can be developed with educational toys. Moreover, kids learn colours, names, shapes, and many other things using puzzle toys and games.

Social and tactical thinking skills are also improved with educational toys. Playing with other kids helps them to learn teamwork and patience. Scientific kits and various other toys will be a good choice.

2.    Puzzles

Puzzles are the most common and productive toy for kids. It helps develop skills. Shapes, colours, and size puzzles are good toys to keep kids engaged in work. Moreover, kids develop problem-solving skills, learn hand and eye coordination, memory enhancement, and improve visual skills.

Additionally, puzzles are equally good for adults. Higher the age, the harder the puzzle you can pick. It also includes board games such as chess. It also sharpens the brain and develops decision-making skills.

3.    Musical Toys

Musical toys are also good for kids. It includes musical instruments and different toys that enable kids to socialize, enjoy, learn music, sing songs, dance, appreciate others, and develop an interest in music learning.

Musical instruments, as well as toys, can be a good start. It can be installed at home where kids can spend a good time and learn making tones and might become a playback music person one day.

4.    Building Toys

Legos, building boxes, blocks, and Lincoln logs are popular building toys. Small building blocks make the kids creative and productive. Moreover, kids can sit for hours and concentrate on their items which ultimately helps them think and develop new things.

Legos are also common among children of different ages. Everyone can create new things according to their mind. It makes them productive and innovative. It also helps them learn teamwork and improve communication skills when playing with other kids.

It is also good for fine motor skills. Creative thinking and problem-solving minds are developed while building toys. Such toys will surely boost the kid’s mind. Thus, engaging them in building Legos is a good option while parents stay at home.

5.    Life Toys

Life toys help make kids learn about real life. Cooking toys may help kids learn cooking, clearing toys such as mop and broom can develop cleaning habits, and they might start helping their parents make the home clean.

In addition, shopping, hairdressing, teaching, and various other life toys are designed for kids. Using this, kids can learn communication skills, social skills, and human behaviour.

6.    Toys by Age

Children of different age groups pick toys according to their interests. It might vary for toddlers, school-age, teenagers, and adults. Soft, unbreakable, and fabric toys are good for babies. Kids of 1-2 years can go with toys that cause music or create noise. Five to six pieces’ puzzles can also be a good choice. Toddlers will love to play with puzzles, life toys, dolls, legos, tricycles, and many other options.

School-going kids will love puzzles, phonic toys, action figures, transportation toys, board games, soccer, building blocks legos are the top choices. Elder kids can go with games, sports equipment, musical instruments, craft kits, model kits, science kits, and other educational games.

How to Select Toys Suppliers in the UK?

The demand for toys is very high in the UK. Moreover, the kids’ interest and toy sales also show that selling online toys is a trending and demanding business in the UK. This raises the question, “How to sell toys online”?

During the COVID pandemic, online businesses and eCommerce stores gained popularity all over the globe. Thus, it is important to understand how you can sell toys online. To start, the foremost step is to find and select toy suppliers in the UK.

Once you plan to start an online toy shop or business, it is important to tackle the tactics of choosing toy suppliers. Finding a reliable toy supplier is the most crucial task in the UK. If you are planning a large-scale business, many companies will love to collaborate with you. The major hurdle is created when you want to start a small business.

Here are some tactics to find a reliable toy supplier in the UK.

  • Categorize your data and understand your requirements.
  • Use the internet and search engines to find details about your products and tailor your category.
  • Find reliable wholesale toy suppliers.
  • Shortlist the toy suppliers that you want to work with.
  • Finally, pick the best one that is reliable.

1. Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

The second most important task is to find drop shipping suppliers in the UK. It is absolutely legal in the UK, and the drop shipping company also offers cash on a delivery system which means they will hand over the product to the customer once the payment is clear. Likewise, you can also sell toys online with advance payment.

You can find different dropshipping suppliers online. Use search engines to find the best drop shipping companies online.

2. Tips for Finding Suppliers  

  • Use Google to find suppliers

Search engines are the easiest and simple way to find suppliers online. Hibba, tigristoys, and godropship are examples. You can find more suppliers and dropshipping companies near your area. You can visit all and then make a precise choice.

  • Use online directories

Online directories are also a good way to find suppliers. Many online toy suppliers and dropshipping companies are available online. The common examples are thewholesaler or esources. However, you can find many others and choose the one that suits your business plan.

  • International suppliers

Various international suppliers like Aliexpress are available online. You can create your account and start your international supplies all over the globe. However, it can be adopted once your business is huge enough to supply products worldwide.

How to Start Selling Toys Online?

As described earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for eCommerce stores. Therefore, selling toys online is a great option to develop your business and earn money.

1. Starting an Ecommerce Store

The foremost step is to develop an eCommerce store or website to sell toys online. You can create it on Martave. It is simple and easy, and you can create an attractive eCommerce store, display your products online, create offers, make and receive payments, deliver products, and grow your shop or business. People can easily visit your website, find the products of their choice, make payments, and submit their requests. You will deliver the products within the offered time.

Afterward, an attractive and lightweight theme should be selected. Heavy themes reduce the speed of the website. So, avoid it. Moreover, the colors and designs of the themes should be attractive.

Good themes should show all the important features visitors might need, such as a cart, payment details, security certificates, shipping areas, ease of navigation, etc. Therefore, it is important to choose good themes that attract an audience, and the text should be readable to keep the visitor engaged.

Martave offers selling channels also such as Facebook, Instagram, Google shopping feeds, etc. Thus, you can grasp the audience from various platforms and increase the click-through rate. Moreover, the broader your access to the targeted audience, the more are the chances for you to sell your products or toys.

2. Advertising

Advertisement is an important aspect for all business companies. Whether the business is small or a large brand, everyone tries to target their audience will advertisement.

In the early time, paper media, commercial ads, screen media, etc., were used to target the audience. But as the world is digitalizing, advertisement tactics are also changing. For selling toys online, you need an online eCommerce store. Likewise, online advertisement is also important to target the online audience.

For better understanding, this aspect will be discussed in detail.

Suppose a new restaurant is open in the UK. Pamphlets are distributed in the nearby areas of the restaurant to reach the restaurant. Likewise, online store targets the audience of the world or the UK or some specific areas where the eCommerce store supplies the products.

The best is to do online advertisements to promote the online store and sell toys online. Different methods for advertising online have been introduced. The most important one will be discussed.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most significant technique to promote your business is search engine optimization (SEO). In this method, you will optimize your website and make sure that it ranks at the top of the search engine research page. Different off-page and on-page techniques are introduced to make your website user-friendly and SEO optimized.

Another method is “Paid Advertisement.” It differs from SEO as it is paid, and you will pay to the search engines such as Google to display your website at the top of the search engine result page.

Apart from this, you can also advertise on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc., and target your audience. Ads will be displayed for a specific time at a specific location; thus, you can target the audience effectively.

Email marketing is also another trending method to promote the business online. You can collect the email addresses of your targeted audience and then send promotional emails or discount offers to them via email. It is also effective as people of specific interest, such as toys, will directly receive your email and reach your website directly from the link shared in the email.

You will not require to send emails personally to the audience, but Mailchimp will do this for you. Mailchimp is an email marketing software that saves email addresses when visitors submit them and automatically sends the email to all the store email addresses in just one click. So, email marketing is another effective method to sell toys online.

Must optimize your website using Google tracking and keep an eye on how many people visited your site, the advertisement results, location of your audience, bounce rate, and many other features.

So, all the techniques mentioned above are good for your business and selling toys online in the UK. You can use any of them and others to promote the business.


Can I Make Money Selling Toys?

Selling toys is a trending and ever-green business because all kids love toys. It is a good business to start. Firstly, prepare a business plan, identify your categories, find reliable and good wholesale toy suppliers, and then find the drop shipping company to deliver your products. Finally, develop a good and attractive eCommerce store, advertise your business, and start making money.

How Do You Start Selling Toys?

Research the market and try to be innovative. Pick a good toy niche, find a good toy supplier, develop an online store, display your products, optimize your website and start selling toys. You can also use international platforms such as Amazon to display your products and sell toys online.

What Is the Best Way to Sell Old Toys?

Selling old toys is also a good business to start with. The best way to do so is to visit pawn shops, eBay, consignment shops, and other online marketplaces. Many people will love to purchase old toys and will reach you soon.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Toy Store?

No doubt, a physical store requires a lot. You can develop a small online business with approximately two thousand dollars. Whereas developing an eCommerce store is not very expensive, you can start with free trials and then move towards the paid options once your store is developed or starts sales.


The toy market economics has increased during the last year. People prefer purchasing toys and having fun at home during a pandemic. Thus, the ongoing pandemic ensures a huge increase in toy market sales.

“How to sell toys online” was a question. In a nutshell, selling toys online is a huge market in the UK. Kids of different age groups love to buy toys and enjoy. Games, puzzles, Legos, educational kits, sports equipment, and many other categories of toys the in demand.

The first step is to find a reliable toy supplier and drop shipping company to sell toys online. To find good suppliers, you can visit search engines and consult them. You can also use online directories and international marketplaces to find suppliers.

Once you find a supplier and drop shipper, you must develop an online eCommerce store, optimize the website and grow your business. Advertisement using social media platforms, search engines, and email marketing is also good to promote the business online. All such methods are low investment techniques and help earn money through the online toy business.

Developing a store is not an expensive task. You can start with free trials and build your website on eCommerce platforms like Martave. However, toys purchase and suppliers and dropshipping companies might require some investment to adjust. Moreover, advertisement is also a paid task.

We hope your query, “how to sell toys online,” is solved.

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