How to Use Google Feed to Reach Google Shopping


What is Google Shopping?

You can create a Google feed to get your products listed for free on Google shopping. Google shopping is a free online platform that links customers with merchants. Google shopping is part of the Google search engine so when you type a keyword in the Google search engine you will be shown product suggestions related to your search. For example, if you search for a bike on Google, you will be shown bikes as part of Google Shopping.

Any merchant could (and in my opinion should) get their products on Google Shopping. It is a free platform after all and many businesses use it as their main selling channel as it connects buyers with sellers.

How do you get your products on Google Shopping?

There are a few simple steps that any merchant can take to get his/her products to a wider audience.

1- Setup Google Merchant Center:

Creating a merchant centre is a very easy process. You just need to have a Google account and domain name. you can follow this Google link to open your merchant centre:

2- Setup a feed in Google Merchant Center:

  • Select products from your Google Merchant Center then select create product feed:
  • After selecting create product feed, Give your feed a name and select upload:
  • Enter your feed name and press upload a file now:

3- Export your Google product feed from CastNow:

  • Get your products to file from the MartAve Admin dashboard. Goto:  login then selects Inventory then products then export products:
  • Select Google and download your file:
  • Upload your file in Google Merchant Center and press finish.

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