Some want to start their online business but they are unsure where to find merchandise or what to sell.

It is not easy when you get started to find the right merchandise. The UK dropshipping market is still in its infancy but there are still many companies who are dropshipping in the UK.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when merchants do not have product inventory and fullfill their customers’ orders directly from wholesalers or manufacturers. This could work in the advantage of merchants who do not have upfront sum of money to buy inventory or do not have the space to store it. Dropshipping reduces the risk of buying merchandise inventory that might not be sold to customers.

Dropshippers do not only provide ecommerce businesses with merchandise. They also provide product good quality product images which are the key to attracting customers.

How does dropshipping actually work?

Usually, dropshipping works when the merchant receives an online order from a customer and fulfill this order with the manufacturer or the wholesaler to ship it to the customer. The difference between the the retail price and the wholesale price is the merchant’s profit however you need to open an account with the dropshipping company and some of them charge fees.

Can I find dropshopping in the UK?

Yes, there are many wholesalers that are dropshipping  in the UK but there is no one big dropshipping company yet.

There are no lack of options when it comes to dropshipping, here are some examples of how to find a dropshipping company for your online business:

The wholesaler website has a directory of wholesalers that can help you find the right merchandise.

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