is it late to start ecommerce business

Is It Late to Start an Ecommerce Business?

Better late than never.

People often get ask if it is late to start an ecommerce business and the reply is always the same. No, it is never late in fact this is the right time to get started.

There are many excuses that people give for not starting an online but all trends point in one direction that ecommerce is here to stay and it will get bigger month by month and year by year. Some of the factors that are contributing to the explosive trend in ecommerce are:

Shopping habits post COVID-19:

More and more people are buying online since the outbreak of COVID-19. Personal health and safety are extremely important and are taken seriously all over the globe. People are going online to buy almost everything everything. Companies like Amazon have proven that in the time of public health crisis shopping online is the safest way to avoid catching the disease.

The internet of things:

Soon all of our home devices will be connected to the internet including our fridges and microwaves. This only means more growth for online shopping as the internet will be able to predict our shopping needs instead of waiting for us to say what we need.

Soon enough you will be able to order your groceries automatically and speak to Alexa to put your order through rather than go to the grocery shop.

Mobile shopping:

The vast majority of people browse the internet from their mobile phones. This means that people are connected all the time and are on the look out for things. The question is how to show people products that they really want to buy. Big tech companies are mastering the ability to predict what products you will buy based on people’s attitudes and past behaviour.

Online selling channels:

There are plenty of online selling channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping..etc it is only a matter of finding the right selling channel for your business and knowing where your customers are waiting.


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