Leap Ecommerce Theme

Pre-built Ecommerce Store Template

Leap is a is a multi-purpose eCommerce theme  for 10+ industries.

This website store template has the latest website design that will allow you to create a fully-functional ecommerce website. Its ready-made, beautifully-crafted pages will become your main tool for creating the ecommerce website you always dreamt of.

This website store template has elegant design, products-ready, responsive design which means it can be viewed on all devices and it is suitable for all types of ecommerce stores.

Colorful eCommerce Website Template Design:

You will love this ecommerce website template if you like a confident style. The homepage of this website store template contains an attention-grabbing texts with attention grabbing photos. The ecommerce website template allows you to show your customers trending, newly added and best rated products.

Your online shop website will allow you to customise all aspects of your website which includes colourful buttons, videos and text

This ecommerce website template is offered for free with monthly subscription plan to UK’s favourites ecommerce platform.

With a pixel-perfect pages and an integrated backend on Martave’s ecommerce platform, you can create your own professional, unique, and successful ecommerce shop at the click of a button. This store template is highly customizable for you to sell all kinds of products.

The use of this store template is very easy. The ready-made store will let you create product listings using our backend. Additionally, you can add multiple types of products into multiple categories and subcategories of your choice. Furthermore, you can build well-structured product pages, adding numerous images for each item.

Leap Ecommerce Theme

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Beautiful multipurpose eCommerce website template that features an easy to use Django backend helping you build your first eCommerce website with ease.

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