Martave vs. Shopwired :What is the difference?

 Martave vs. Shopwired :Which is the best?


There was a time when selling your services or goods without a physical store didn’t seem possible, and if customers intended to buy your products, they had to travel to your brick-and-mortar location to find out what they wanted to buy. However, nowadays, e-commerce stores have made it possible and easy for you to order anything from your home using your laptop, mobile, or tablet. Even you can open your e-commerce platform and start your own business. But are you thinking about where to start from? Folks! You have many options of e-commerce platforms on the internet that provide unique features for small businesses, young startups, and women-led businesses.

Let’s explore the two options for creating the best e-commerce store in the UK.

The UK-based e-commerce platform Martave, although not a big name until now, will be the biggest competitor of Shopwired in the future.

Martave, the best e-commerce platform in the UK, is gradually gaining popularity due to its unique features compared to Shopwired, which is also a popular option for creating e-commerce websites or stores in the UK, but which one is better?

Both Martave and Shopwired are dedicated and committed platforms for building online stores. But the main difference is that Martave offers better affordable opportunities to establish new small ventures and women-led businesses in the UK. Besides, they both are primarily focused on the UK market and provide tools to build B2C e-commerce web stores.

Martave platform offers ready-made websites that are not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also fully customizable to create an online store free. You can make your own online shop using the unique features of Martave, which is undoubtedly going to be the best e-commerce platform and affordable for small businesses in the UK.

Here are some of the top and fascinating features of Martave and Shopwired while starting your small online business as a newbie.



Basic: £10/month

Standard: £25/month

Premium: £40/month

Free Trial

Martave offers the most reasonable and affordable packages to create your online store for small businesses. Furthermore, Martave provides a free online store setup with a free probation period of 14 days, and you don’t need any credit card for the free trial; after that, you may choose any of the plans as mentioned above. You can visit the website in detail as well for collecting more information. Moreover, 24/7 customer support service is available to guide and solve your problems.


Basic: £29.95/month

Standard: £59.95/month

Premium: £119.95/month

Enterprise: From £149.95/month

Free Trial

ShopWired also offers a free trial of 14 days, and you don’t require any credit card for a free trial. For more information, visit the website.

Key Features of Martave

Martave is a fantastic emerging platform whose aim is to help their consumers build their small online stores while providing unique and special features for small and large business traders. With six free and many affordable premium themes, Martave provides merchants with fully customizable themes. Moreover, consumers can add inventory, product photos, and descriptions very easily and quickly in their customizable online stores. Martave’s simple yet elegant themes give the merchants the ability to customize every aspect of their online store. Undoubtedly, it’s a door to success for consumers to discover the online shopping business using the below-mentioned unique features.

                    Choose your own domain name

                    Offers free SSL certificate

                    UK based customer support

                    The transaction fee is 0%

                    No contract

                    Countless products

                    Continuous development

                    99.99% server reliability

                    Offers SEO tools

                    The payment gateways included

                    Platform security

                    Customizable, elegant themes

                    Well responsive e-commerce websites

                    The functionality of product search

                    Numerous channels selling including Facebook, Instagram, google shopping

                    Social sharing

                    Latest and up to the minute inventory management


For further details,Martave’s website can be visited and 24/7 customer support service is also available to facilitate you.


Key Features of ShopWired

The UK’s popular e-commerce platform, ShopWired to start an online business, offers the below-mentioned features.

                    Choose your own domain name

                    Free SSL certificate

                    Multi-channel selling

                    No contract and can be cancelled at any time

                    99.99% uptime guarantee

                    Platform security protection

                    Switch to other packages any time

                    Unlimited file storage, bandwidth and API access

                    Live chat integration


To know about more features, you can visit the website.

Martave Themes

                    Six free themes available, with many more under development

                    Mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly e-commerce templates

                    Availability of bespoke designs

                    Fully customizable themes

                    Switch between different themes at the click of a button

                    Fully responsive themes

                    Bespoke themes


Unique Feature: If you don’t want to use a template, Martave’s development team can design a unique and amazing design for your website according to your choice and requirement. For further details, you can contact Martave’s team.

ShopWired Themes

                    24 templates

                    Build your own theme

                    Customize your store

                    Bespoke designs available

                    Fully responsive themes

                    Desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly themes

                    Provide experts help to customize your themes


Martave Customer Support

If you want extra features other than Martave’s available features, their expert development team is always there for you to create additional features you want for your online store. Moreover, Martave’s team will provide you with the best services with affordable price plans.

One of Martave customer support’s best features is a step-by-step guide for the customer to help them set up an online shop, add products, and get payments from the customer. They have added blog posts to start usingMartave and added a detailed video demonstration of every step. Similarly, these videos also help you to add your products to your google feed. Through this feature, your products will be listed on google shopping as well as Facebook and Instagram. It makes them the well-grounded platform for young startups and women-led e-commerce stores. You can call on the given number from 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday for live customer support. On Saturday, the timing will be from 11 am to 5 pm. Besides, you can use the mailing address for further correspondence.

ShopWired Customer Support

On the other hand, shopWired comes up with excellent features and help resources. They have maintained a detailed user guide for their customers to create an online website to sell products. This user guide with pictures won’t let you miss a single step, and you will successfully launch your startup. It has even escorted you to test purchases and 301 redirects. Being a market player, ShopWired has listed guides and manuals to help new customers migrate from other platforms to Shopwired. Besides, they also offer multi-level selling on eBay, Google, Facebook and Instagram. The whole process becomes more comfortable when you see each topic’s step-by-step video tutorial, from setting up an online store to managing orders.

Furthermore, you can get incredible customer support through live chat, phone, email, and at the mailing address. The timings for live chat are 9 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they make themselves available from 11 am to 5 pm, while you will get an email response within 24 hours.

Martave Orders and Customer Management

Martave has managed excellent order and customer management. Being a store owner, you can view all your orders’ history, customer geographical location around the globe and addresses. Besides, your customer will get updates of orders till it is shipped. Similarly, it will also keep your customer informed about product stock in case he might want to repurchase some product. Likewise, the customers can have account on your e-commerce store and maintain a Wishlist for future use.

ShopWired Orders and Customer Management

ShopWired provides the latest features to locate your customers’ last orders, the total expenditures of the customers, and the address details. These features give you full control over your customer data, and you can maintain customer information by yourself. This will later help you to export bulk customer data to your account. Once someone purchases on your website, they can log in to the website as a user and use the account for further shopping. In ShopWired vs Martave, the customer may be happier to get live updates about the order status and stock updates. This feature will be helpful for young e-commerce store builders.

Martave Hosting

Martave is a cloud-based hosting server with 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime. They are offering the best UK based e-commerce service providing software with extreme technical support and high-class technology. Furthermore, a free SSL certificate comes with tremendous benefits like protecting your data, securing your payments, increasing the search engine ranking, and trusting your customers. These features help them give a flawless user experience and make them the best Ecommerce Platform for Small Businesses.

ShopWired Hosting

Shopwired also claims to provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee by using the amazon cloud hosting web service. Their system has military-grade protection to ensure the sensitivity of the credit card and your bank information. Besides, they provide an excellent backup facility in case of any failure occurs.

Pros and Cons comparison:

After this detailed analysis of both of the above e-commerce platforms, i.e., Martave Vs Shopwired, we have concluded the following points.


Martave has a meagre cost and affordable for young startups, new e-commerce sellers, especially women-led businesses. For new sellers, basic package starting from £2/month with free 14 days trial. You will get three themes at this highly economical price, a mobile-optimized website and customer support. At the same time, Shopwired basic package starts from £29.95/month, which is highly expensive for new e-commerce businesses. Even they offer premium service for only £40/Month.

Best website interface for young startups:

Martave website has the best customer support for new users. All the necessary information is instantly available, and users can get access to the relevant information quickly. Even the pricing plans are simple and easy to understand. Therefore, new businesses should start a business with this e-commerce platform.

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