Martave vs EKM: A comparison of two E-commerce platforms

With the advancement in technology and the sudden global pandemic, everything is changing rapidly. More than ever now, you need to give ease of access to your customers. They need to have access to a product with just a click. With the increasing competition, it is crucial to retain customers with ease of navigation and access to their favorite stuff. Like other countries, the UK has faced strict lockdown, which has increased the need for stores to operate online. In my own experience, I found to be the best ecommerce platform in the UK to start your very own online store.

In case, you might be asking which platform is better, Martave, EKM, or Merchant Machine? We will share an ultimate guide about the best option in town. This includes weighing the qualities you should consider while choosing an e-commerce platform and the best e-commerce platform available for UK-based businesses. Moreover, we discuss a detailed comparison between Martave vs. platforms like EKM so that you can make a better and wiser choice.

Understanding the trend

Ecommerce is the trend of the world. During coronavirus, many people prefer shopping online without leaving their homes. Thus, it is the time when every seller should think about creating his online store and ensure online availability to target his customers.

Besides this, if you have a small business setup but no physical shops, you can easily start an online shop and reach your customers easily. An e-commerce platform can provide all the features that are the typical brick and mortar business’s virtual face.

Now the question arises, how we can decide which platform is better and trustworthy.

The answer depends on your preferences. It entirely depends on the requirements of your website or store. If an e-commerce platform provides the features required for our website, then we love it. Otherwise, the platform becomes a nightmare for us. However, some tips can help you make a wiser choice when choosing an e-commerce platform for your store.

Features of a quality e-commerce platform

Here is a list of features that you should consider when choosing a platform for developing an e-commerce store.

  1. Speed

Load time, or what we commonly know as speed, is critical. Whenever a visitor or customer reaches your online store, the store homepage should load immediately. Whereas, if the load time is low, the client might leave the site and move to another store. Ultimately, it is the business’s loss. Therefore, consider the e-commerce platform that guarantees better load time.

  1. Ease of Use

Everyone is not efficient in the technical aspects of an e-commerce store. Therefore, a good e-commerce platform provides ease of use through easy navigation. It should be user-friendly so that you can handle it without hiring any technical staff.

  1. Customer support

Online businesses are different from physical setups. The issues and problems for online shops may differ also. Such as problems with any page or form. In that case, what will you do?

Therefore, it is important to choose a platform that provides 24/7 customer support. So that if any issue arises, you can immediately access customer support and resolve it.

  1. Design Flexibility

Everyone has different thinking and choice. Try to choose an e-commerce store that offers design and themes flexibility. Thus, you can get multiple options to make the best choice. Therefore, you must design your online store in a way you want it to look and feel.

  1. SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial nowadays. Your store must rank in SERP to get maximum traffic and customers. Therefore, a good e-commerce platform provides SEO tools for better ranking and development of the website.

  1. Mobile Friendly

The online stores must be managed and designed in desktop as well as mobile-friendly. Most of the clients use smartphones for internet browsing. Therefore, you might lose a huge number of clients when your store is not mobile-friendly. Thus, make sure your site is responsive.

  1. Integration and Apps

The e-commerce platform should also provide integration and apps facilities. Doing so boosts the value of your online shops.

The best e-commerce platform in the UK

If you plan to start an E-commerce store targeting the UK population, you should go with e-commerce platforms based in the UK.

Here is a comparison between two of the many UK-based e-commerce platforms, i.e., Martave vs. EKM. Think about it: weigh the benefits each provides to what you are looking for and choose the one that brings the most value along.

  • Pricing

Martave is an online e-commerce platform in the UK. Its pricing plans are pretty economical as compared to other platforms like EKM. The basic plan starts with £2. Besides, the standard plan is available for £25/month, and the Premium is of £40/month. At the same time, the custom online shop designs are available at £499.9.

Comparatively, EKM is also a UK e-commerce store. The basic plan starts with £32.49+VAT/month, the standard plan is available in £64.99+VAT/month, and the Premium or Advanced Price plan is for £194.99+VAT/month. EKM provides a custom website design service for £1999.99+VAT.

In short, when we are analyzing these platforms, we should decide whether we want an expensive platform or a platform like Martave, which provides all the same features at an economical rate.

  • Themes

No one wants a common theme or relies on signal theme design for a website. Martave offers multiple theme options, and you can choose any of them for your online shop. You have a 3 themes option for basic and standard packages, whereas you can pick from 6 themes for the advanced plan. Moreover, all the themes are responsive and mobile-friendly.

EKM also developed multiple themes, but the options for choice are not easy to judge and identify.

  • SEO Tools

Another feature that makes Martave a better option is the facility of SEO tools. SEO is also important for the ranking of the stores. Thus, SEO tools availability can give a boost to your website. Compared to EKM, which does not have SEO tools in any price package.

  • Marketing consultation

Martave provides free monthly marketing consultation. This 30 minutes’ call helps you solve the issue, consult the management and find the best ways to develop your business. In contrast, EKM does not offer such marketing consultation. It only provides specific manager accounts suggestions depending upon the price plan selected.

  • Runs ads

Martave provides social network integration, social sharing, and run ads. Most of the online stores bring customers from different social media handles. This is a complete marketing feature and thus helps in boosting sales. Besides this, EKM offers social plugins but lacks the features of advertising via Facebook. Therefore, Martave is a good option when you prefer sharing and advertising your products on social media platforms.

Winner for me= Martave

Briefly, the Martave e-commerce platform features turned out to be way better and budget-friendly than EKM.

Why buy from Martave?

Ecommerce is gaining popularity globally. Because it has more reach than standard retail sellers do, you can reach clients and customers all over the world. Whereas a physical shop never moves and reaches only a specific city or country.

The key giveaways that make the Martave a better option are:

  • The online store is always available. The customers can visit the site any time and make a purchase regardless of the timing when you are available. Martave offers 99.9% uptime. Thus, your site will never be stopped or irresponsive. This feature ensures you rely on Martave for better development of your online store.
  • As described earlier, Martave offers social media integration, app integration, and run ads. Thus, it can increase the website’s reach and ultimately boosts sales and marketing levels. The business will also grow. When an online store is developed, all the online interacting platforms need to be engaged. Martave offers this ease.
  • Martave also contributes a lot to Marketing Opportunities. It shares SEO tools that will help you rank better in search engines, and ultimately you will find more traffic on your site. More traffic more will be the CRT (Conversion Through Rate). Thus, it is a better option to rely on this amazing platform.
  • Martave is scalable as it provides up-gradation packages for the clients as their business grows and requirements increase. Basic, Standard, and Premium packages are designed for the customers to choose the one appropriate for the store.
  • Cost always matters a lot. No doubt, e-commerce reduces the cost of the business. You do not require any physical space or employees to run an online store. Besides this, Martave is an e-commerce platform that offers incredible features and quality services at a very low cost, i.e., £2.
  • An e-commerce store offers secured transactions. You do not need any guard to provide security to your accounts. All the transactions are online and safe. Robbers can neither reach the products nor the payments. This feature makes e-commerce the best business you can start with.
  • Reputation and Feedback are the major things that a good company required. With an e-commerce business, you can have Feedback from the customers after purchasing products. This will improve the value, trust, and reputation of your online business. This is amazing and will surely build your brand in the worldwide community.


Simply put, e-commerce is the best business plan that you can start with. It’s now or never! You have to start your online business today, or you will miss the opportunity of getting more customers. We have shared a detailed description of 2 different e-commerce platforms that you can choose when building a UK business. Depending upon budget and other features, we concluded that stands a winner for us.

Martave offers incredible features such as price plan, SEO tools, marketing consultation, affordable up-gradation packages, secured transactions, and offers different marketing opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your business with Martave e-commerce services today without any further delay. Happy earning!

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