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How to start a successful online store on Martave ecommerce platform

Choose one of our themes

We have at your disposal a number of ecommerce themes that are suitable for any online store you want to launch.

Our ecommerce themes are free. The themes are designed to convert online visitors to customers. We take themes very seriously when we design them because we put ourselves in your shoes and understand your goals. 


Zero transaction costs


Our platform does not charge anything on top of payment gateway transaction fees. This maximises your profits. We understand the costs of running your business and we want to maximise your profits.

Customise your theme


When it comes to customizing your theme, We give you all the tools you need to make your online store unique to stand out from the crowd. We understand that competition is tough and you need not only online store but also an ecommerce platform that has all the tools for you to succeed. This is why all aspects of our themes are fully customizable.


Bespoke online store design


If you are looking to use a bespoke theme for your online store, our team will be ready to work with you to understand your requirements, design and develop your vision on our scalable ecommerce platform.

Tools to get organic traffic to your online store


 We get the importance of getting customers to your online store organically. We have built SEO tools to help you achieve that.


Our team is ready to work with you on developing a marketing and SEO strategy that’s going to make a difference to your business. Our ecommerce platform offers online stores that convert customers.



 Get the support that you actually need


Our support is not restricted to technical support but we do provide SEO marketing consultations as part of your plan. 

Build your dream online store today

Launch your store in minutes!


It takes a few minutes to launch your online store and go live on our ecommerce platform. You simply need to select your theme, customize it, add your products, add your payment gateway and start making sales.


Grow your business organically


Book your free 30-minute monthly SEO consultation with our experts for advise on what SEO is and how to setup your SEO successfully to start growing organically.


Understand your customers and market


Utilise your dashboard to get all the statistics about your customers such as customers’ geographic location, orders, names and addresses.


Our dashboard gives you all the information you need to create a successful online store with income coming everyday.


A picture is better than a thousand words


Our dashboard graphs are impressive and tell you the whole story of your online store business without the need to drill into the data.


By looking at the map you will be able to see the geographical concentration of your customers. There are also graphs for the number of customers, total orders and many more.

No development experience needed!


Martave ecommerce platform offers ready made online stores without touching a line of code. 

If you have a theme in mind and want to create your own bespoke online store, call our team to go through your requirements.

Tell your story on a blog


Any new business should be able to create a blog to publish content to get traffic from the search engines.

Grow your online store

Marketing consultations

Benefit from our free marketing consultation. Our marketing experts will help you define your target audience and how to reach them using a practical marketing plans.

Tracking and analytics

Measure your marketing efforts by setting up Google tracking code to put yourself measurable milestones for your business

SEO consultations

Our monthly SEO consultations are designed to put your online store’s digital marketing strategy in action by helping you find the right keywords for your niche, meta tags and descriptions for your online store.  

Social media selling

Share all of your products on Social media to increase your chance of conversions using social media buttons on your online store.


Benefit from Google’s offer of free advertising budget when you start your new campaign on Google ads.

Fast checkout…Secure payment gateway

Stripe checkout

Stripe is our payment gateway. Stripe will take the payments on merchant’s behalf in a secure and fast way without the need to store customer and payment information on your side so you are covered legally.  Our Stripe payment module is up to date with all legal requirements so you can rest assured that your payments will go through without any hassle.

Seamless checkout

The check out of your online shop offers seamless experience to your customers. 
The checkout is safe and secure and accepts all major credit cards in all countries.

Free SSL certificate

Each of our online shops comes with a free SSL certificate. This means that all communications are encrypted so customers can be confident in buying from your site.

Add unlimited products. Get unlimited hosting

Add unlimited products

Add unlimited products to your online store. You can add your brands, product types, product attributes and product descriptions. All of this will look your website very professional so customers can navigate it with ease.

Security and safety online

Knowing that your store will be hosted on AWS will guarantee a very high level of internet security for all data stored on your online store.  

Unlimited hosting

Your online store will be hosted on Amazon Web Services servers to give customers a fast and seamless browsing experience on your online store.

Use any domain

You can use any domain that you have to publish your online store on our ecommerce platform.
You can also use a subdomain if you need it.