Start a Candle eCommerce Business in The UK: 9 Simple Steps

start a candle ecommerce business


A candle business is a great business to start in the UK. According to BusinessMatters, The turnover of the candle eCommerce market in the UK is estimated to be worth £1.9 billion annually. The good news is that a large proportion of the candle eCommerce market belongs to small businesses. 

On average, Brits purchase six candles spending £44.40 each year. 

The major use of candles is to fill the room with aromatic smells. Moreover, partners love to light candles in their bedrooms. It is also reported that people prefer burning candles because it makes them feel cosier and adds ambience. However, the highest sales were reported on Mother’s Day last year.


What Do You Need To Make Candles in the UK? 


Making candles is easy but requires clean space. Dealing with wax might become tough in some cases; therefore, prepare your area before getting started.

The ingredients required to make a candle include candle wax, wicks, candle dyes, fragrance oil, and candle glasses. Candles are prepared using different types of high-quality wax. 

The most commonly used waxes are beeswax, paraffin, and palm wax. Paraffin wax is versatile, less expensive, and non-addictive. Whereas palm wax is prepared using the palm oil dehydrogenation process. Likewise, palm oil, beeswax is also 100% natural wax. It is the best wax available in the market. 

Another new wax named soy wax is prepared using soybean oil. Gel wax is also popular, but it is not an actual gel but prepared with a combination of resin and mineral oil. Its transparency makes it entirely different from other candles and is used to imitate water and wine. 


How To Make Candles At Home?


To start a candle eCommerce business in the UK, it is preferred to prepare candles at home. Yes, it is possible to make beautiful and professional candles with unique fragrances at home. 

You can make different designs, use glasses, bowls, and jars. 

Add colours, various attractive items, and give your candles a different look. Adding fragrance to the candles is preferable.

Find the easy candle-making tutorial here.

You might also love creating candles of different shapes using eggs, buttons, spoons, bangles, and orange peel. Watch this amazing tutorial and prepare attractive candles easily at home.

How Can I Sell My Homemade Candles Online?

As described earlier, the UK has a huge market and demand for candles. Brits prefer burning candles at events or functions as well as for using them in bedrooms and for exercise and yoga to give themselves a cosy environment. Moreover, a romantic candlelight environment is also common. 

Therefore, the demand for candles is high; therefore, once you prepare candles at home, they can be sold out online as well in the UK. Before starting a candle business online in the UK, we recommend the following steps:

1- Market Research And Gaps Identification 

To tackle the huge market and sell your homemade candles, you will be required to introduce a unique and incredible candle that should preferably be a market gap. For example, you can introduce new scents to make people use candles to make their environment aromatic.

Moreover, vegan candles are also trending nowadays. You can also do further market research, explore the candles, and introduce a new candle product that might attract people to enhance your online business sales.


2- Analysing Target Price

To sell the candles online, you might include the shipping cost. So, it is better to estimate the target price and sell the candles with some profit as well. 

You can also visit different companies that sell candles online to get an estimate about the competitors’ price range. Also, keep an eye on the input costs, shipping charges, and profit margin. 

In a nutshell, making an appropriate target price will help you start and run a candle business online in the UK effectively.

3- Identifying Target Market

When starting a candle business online in the UK, it is better to find the target market. It can be described as the subset of the targeted community who purchase candles mostly. It is reported that women with families are more likely to buy candles; thus, they will be the target market. You can also target the events as candle sales are high during holidays.

Candles have various target markets, including high-end, mid-market, and mass markets. All of these categories are described below to help you identify where your candle business falls.


4- High-end Category:

This category includes luxury candles prepared using a variety of waxes such as vegetable wax, soy wax, beeswax, and many others. These are further classified as fragrant and regular candles, where fragrant candles come with a quality scent such as cotton candy, sugar blossom, water lily, etc. In addition, high-quality oils are used to prepare such luxurious candles. These are expensive, ranging from $30 to $80 and even $180.

5- Mid-market Category:

It is a tricky category for the market. Some candles might work best, while others might fail in the market. It is not much expensive, and one candle can be sold for £10. The candle has different fragrances, including basil, rose water, grapefruit, and many others.

6- Mass-market Category: 

It is a huge market, and many beginners enter this market category as it is easy to start preparing candles at home. Moreover, one can purchase candle-making material in bulk from the suppliers. But it is a huge category and has high competition. Therefore, it is recommended to enter the market with innovation and unique ideas. The small gift shops can be targeted with attractive candle designs. For the online candle business, try to introduce innovative designs and tackle the audience. 

7- Choosing An Ecommerce Platform Like Martave

With time, people now prefer making purchases online. So, the online availability of every business company is mandatory these days. If any company doesn’t tackle the online audience, it is making a huge market loss. Therefore, building an eCommerce store is required to start a candle eCommerce business in the UK.

Various types of eCommerce platforms are introduced online; Martave is one of them. You can start a candle eCommerce business in the UK by creating your free eCommerce dropshipping website with Martave. It is a great option for small business owners and beginners working from home. 

Visit the Martave website, and start building your website. Moreover, you can start with a free trial and then move towards the other pricing plans according to your flexibility. 

8- Choosing a Business Name

The business name is the company’s identity and is likely to become a brand in the future. Therefore, pick a unique, attractive, relatable, and memorable name for your candle company. Brainstorm, consult friends or use online domain name generators to find a unique name for your company.

It is better to pick a name whose domain (website name) is also available. So that you can create an eCommerce store using your company name. It is also good for branding and online availability. Moreover, as your business is based in the UK, we suggest using the domain extension.


9- Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is also crucial for starting a candle business online in the UK. It is essential to clarify the major elements of marketing plans. Firstly, describe the products that are candles in this case. So, the description of the candles might include the fragrance name, the wax used, the size or weight of the product, etc. 

Also, identify the goals and objectives of the company. Moreover, the advertisement plan should be aligned along with the marketing budget that the company affords. The marketing plan should be prepared and followed efficiently to progress the business. 

Independent Candles Brands

Many candles brands are working and introducing new attractive candles in the UK. Such independent, successful brands might inspire those who want to start a candle e-commerce business.

La Montaña

La Montaña is a brand started by a couple in Spain. The scented candles are prepared using the finest perfume oils and natural wax. Various scented candles are prepared, and the brand earns well through the eCommerce store. 


Cedar prepares candles using natural essential oils and raspberry wax. Cedar candles are made for regular use at home. The candles are inexpensive but amazing and beautiful. Thus, the company is one of the popular candle businesses in the UK.


Eym is another successful brand in the UK. It also has an eCommerce store. Eym candles are prepared with 100% natural botanical perfumes and pure essential oils. These refillable candles have emotional and physical healing properties. These innovative candles make the brand rank among the best candle companies in the UK.

Edition 94

Edition 94 introduced spiral candles that enhance the dining experience. The beautiful and unique designs of candles make it an innovative aspect of the candle company. These affordable candles make the business successful. You can also visit the eCommerce store of Edition 94 and get amazing candle ideas.

Bella Freud

Another successful and impressive candle eCommerce store in the UK. The company creates classical sexy and modern candles. A variety of candles are available online, and they also offer free delivery in the UK. 

Advertising for Your Candle Business

When starting a candle business online in the UK, it is essential to identify the ways of marketing and advertisement. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to target your audience and enhance sales. Moreover, the products can also be sold on Amazon and Etsy. 

Social media marketing and advertisement are gaining popularity, and it is also an effective way to target a specific audience, such as Brit, and promote business online. It is affordable, and ads can only be displayed to a specific audience. 

In addition, the candles can also be sold directly to candle shops and restaurants. You can also manage online social media platforms such as Facebook pages and engage your audience. Share images of new products and innovative candles that encourage them to purchase your products.

Another popular way that many online business companies promote their products is through social media influencers. It is also an effective technique. So, make an advertisement plan and grow your business accordingly.

Yes, the candle business is profitable in the UK because the market survey shows that people purchase six candles on average, spending £44.40 each year.

Candles have a huge target market. People of different ages purchase candles. At the same time, family women are the prime target market of candles in the UK.

Of course, candle-making is a good business. It requires a small investment and can be started from home. The required ingredients can be purchased in bulk, and innovation can grow the business.

A huge number of people love to purchase candles.

Different eCommerce platforms offer free trials to develop an online eCommerce store. Martave is one of the best eCommerce platforms.

A huge number of people love to purchase candles.

Different eCommerce platforms offer free trials to develop an online eCommerce store. Martave is one of the best eCommerce platforms.

A huge number of people love to purchase candles. The candle industry is expected to reach $5 billion by 2026. So, it is a good business set up to convert scents into dollars.


It is undoubtedly a good plan if you want to start a candle business online in the UK. Brit purchases candles and loves to use them regularly at home, offices, and dining tables. Moreover, scented candles are also used to make the environment feel good. It also creates a cozy feel to the bedrooms. People also use candles at events and share them as gifts.

Therefore, the candle business is a huge industry in the UK. Make a business plan, bring the candle-making ingredients, prepare candles at home, use an eCommerce platform like Martave and create your online presence, share the products and start earning revenue. You can also promote your business online using social media platforms.