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The Complete Guide to Launching Your Online Business

Launching Your Online Business: The consequences of the COVID pandemic are still unfolding before our eyes. Goods are still in short supply and many shoppers are not comfortable going to shops. Many business owners have endured pain and loss but this does not need to be the case because you can take your business online instead of relying on shopper coming to your store.

Building an online store is the alternative and the best way to grow your ecommerce business. There are many ecommerce platforms that offer this service and you can launch your ecommerce store in seconds.

Shop owners should follow their customers wherever they are. If your customers are online then you should follow them online, do not leave your competitors take your customers away from you. Building an online presence does not mean that you need to close your store. In fact, having an online store will enhance your brand online and get customers inside your store to see your products before making an order.

Building an ecommerce website is only going to get you to be seen by many people who might not be in your area but need your products. I am summarising below the steps that you should take to launch your business online:

Find an ecommerce platform:

The majority of shop owners prefer to go for a ready-made solution like Martave which is a UK based company where you can launch your store in a few clicks. Martave offers six different ecommerce themes that are simple but yet elegant. You will have your own dashboard that can allow you to enter your inventory, product images, product descriptions. There are advanced features like create product variants. Choosing a ready-made solution is the best way to create ecommerce website.

Choose online business name:

Choose the perfect website name that represents your business. There are free website name generators on the internet. You can use Google to find some business name generators. Once you find a business name that you like you can buy a domain name. there are many websites that offer domain names such as GoDaddy or 123-reg. you should choose .com if available but if it is already taken you could choose .net or

Design your logo:

Your logo is an important part of your business. Logos are in fact business assets and worth money so it pays to be patient and design your logo carefully. Your logo is what people are going to keep in their mind about your business. There are tools on the internet that design logos for free.

Choose the right theme:

Choose the website that represents your business in the best way, there are a variety of websites but each looks and feels different. Think about customisation and how your customers will see and find your products.

Start google my Business:

Google my business is an essential tool for any online business that needs to be seen locally. Google my business is your business presence on Google. You can include your address, shop photo, product photos, reviews all in one place.

Optimise your Google my business for optimal results. If you appear on top of the list customers will contact you and you will get significantly more business. The best thing about Google my business is that it is free.

Optimise your ecommerce site:

Having an ecommerce website is one thing but getting found on the internet is a completely different thing. Anyone could launch a website but few know how to optimise it for optimal results. When typing the content of your website make sure that you enter keywords. For example, if you are selling bikes in Brighton make your keyword bikes in Brighton.

Make a list of keywords that you want to use and enter them wherever possible to get as much organic traffic as possible. One great tool to use is Google keyword planner.

Optimising your website is the best way to grow your ecommerce business.

Start a blog:

Starting a blog is an excellent way to describe what you offer. It is an excellent way as well to enter quality content that can attract organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is the only alternative to spending on advertising. Plan your keywords in advance and type them wherever possible in your blog.

Blogs could not only be text but they could be videos to show customers what you do. Incorporate the links to the videos in your blog.

Open accounts on social media:

Use social media to get known. Social media is free for everyone so it is a great tool to get started their and connect with your customers and build an online presence. You can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other platforms to post your business news, offers, products and get feedback from customers. Choose a website that has online shopping website templates that can be connected to sell on multiple platforms.

Sell trending products:

If you want to sell products then go for trending products. Visit Amazon’s best-selling products and see what is in demand. Some ideas include:

Groceries: groceries have become very popular after COVID as many shoppers aren’t able to go out to buy groceries.

Books: books are very popular items and most people buy them online.

Electronics: majority of people buy electronics online such as TVs, mobile phones, game controllers.

Clothes: fashion products are always in demand especially on Instagram.

Education courses: there are many platforms that offer education courses online. If you have a specialist subject you can create your own online course and sell it.


if you want to sell online but do not want to be responsible for managing inventory then you can go for dropshipping. The way dropshipping works is that you open an account with a wholesaler and when you get an order from a customer the merchant puts an order with the wholesaler. The wholesaler will ship the product to the customer.

Final words:

Starting an ecommerce website could not be any easier nowadays to overcome any difficulties trading in the real world. All you need to succeed is a good business idea and some efforts to promote your business. The doors of opportunities are open to anyone who wants to succeed. From online selling platforms to social media and product ideas. Everything is available for you to start your business so what are you waiting for start your online business now.

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